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Ringwood, IL

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<h2>Surrounded by a Circle of Forestland</h2><p>If you're hoping to move to a small town that's surrounded by nature and far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life, you may find just what you're looking for in Ringwood, Illinois. This is a small town by any measure. There are only around 500 people who live here.</p><p>If you'd like to learn a little more about life in Ringwood from some of the people who already call it home, head over to the LocalTalkLink and get connected. Residents of Ringwood are just waiting to tell you all about why they love living in their town. If you have questions, simply type them into the Ask a Question feature and get answers. You&rsquo;ll feel as if you&rsquo;ve visited Ringwood&hellip; without ever leaving your cozy computer. Once you&rsquo;re ready to make the move, remember to hit up the AptGuideLink for some great pointers on how to find the perfect new place for you.</p><h2>Ringwood Apartment Trends</h2><p>Moving to a small, rural town means you may have to keep an eye out for an apartment for a while before you find one. With under 500 people in town, there aren't many apartments to begin with in Ringwood. Couple that with the fact that most people who move into town stick around for a while and apartments become a scarce commodity. Check out the table above to see what apartments are currently renting for in Ringwood.</p><h2>Enjoying the Abundance of Nature</h2><p>Located far to the north in Illinois, Ringwood is a great town to live in if you love exploring woods, marshes, and other natural areas. Though there aren't any parks within the city limits, renters don't need to drive far to find some of the best nature parks and preserves in the state. To the northeast, <a>Turner Lake Fen Nature Preserve</a> gives renters a taste of untouched Illinois forest and marsh land. The park is perfect for backcountry hiking in the summer and cross country skiing in the winter. To the southeast, <a>Moraine Hills State Park</a> is the perfect place to spend the day fishing or canoeing out on the lake. Just around town, a couple of county parks give renters from Ringwood a place to play sports or to hang upside down on the monkey bars with the kids.</p><h2>Go, Team, Go!</h2><p>Like most people in Chicago, the residents of Ringwood are avid (so avid they border on rabid) sports fans. Surprisingly, there aren't any professional sports teams in town. Renters will have to make due catching a game on a neighbor's big screen TV in between visits to Chicago. Though it's a bit of a trek, true <a>Bears, Bulls, Cubs, Sox, Blackhawks, and Fire</a> fans wouldn't bat an eye at driving the hour and half into the city to see one of the home games in person. Renters can make a whole day of it by planning on hitting up a tailgating party and then hitting the bars for a drink with other fans.</p><h2>A Cultural Affair</h2><p>In order to enjoy a day at a museum or a night out at the theater, renters from Ringwood will need to head down to Chicago. There are dozens of <a>museums</a> (including those that display fine art, historically significant artifacts, and even those that specialize in the kitsch) to visit, many of which offer residents of the area free visits from time to time. <a>Over 200 different theaters</a> make it possible for renters driving down from Ringwood to find a show that suits their tastes any day of the year. In between a day at the museum and a night at the theater, renters should be sure to set aside some time for a fantastic dinner. Sure, the deep dish pizza and hot dogs are great but you can get those anywhere in the state (and neither pair too well with Monet or Mozart).</p><h2>A Night in with the Neighbors</h2><p>Things are usually pretty quiet around Ringwood. There aren't too many bars or restaurants in the area, though the locals can hit up the <a>Rusty Nail Bar and Grill</a> for a bite to eat or a drink with a couple of friends. Most of the time, residents gather with friends at one or another's apartment. Move into your new pad in Ringwood and invite the neighbors over for a housewarming party. You&rsquo;re likely to make friend fast in this friendly Illinois community.</p>

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