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Red Bank, NJ

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<h2>Painting the Town Red</h2><p>Are you looking for a town with a thriving performing arts scene, renowned restaurants, and easy access to beautiful beaches? Meet Red Bank, New Jersey, a borough that seems to have it all. Though there are only around 12,000 people who live in Red Bank, thousands upon thousands of visitors come to enjoy its theaters, restaurants, celebrations and festivals. In fact, over 130,000 visitors come to Red Bank to patronize the Count Basie Theatre, alone.</p><p>Renters who'd like to learn a little more about what makes Red Bank a great place to call home should head over to the LocalTalkLink to get connected with some of the neighbors. Use the Ask a Question feature to ask specific questions you have about life in this borough. Decided to make the move already? Check out the AptGuideLink for tips on how to find your ideal apartment and make it feel like a home.</p><h2>River View Prices</h2><p>Apartments in Red Bank are competitively priced, so be sure to use our apartment finder to seal up the best deal on the place you want. You&rsquo;ll typically see medium sized apartment buildings and units ranging from one to two bedrooms in Red Bank. Take a look at the handy chart above to get a good idea of what places are currently renting for in this Jersey borough. If you&rsquo;re itching to start your apartment search, you can start with some of the hot rentals listed below.</p><h2>Where Foodies Go to Eat</h2><p>Red Bank is developing a reputation as being one of the best cities to visit if you're hoping for a spectacular meal. Apartment renters who move into town don't have to be culinary experts when they arrive, but it won't take long for them to become food connoisseurs. No matter what you have a taste for, whether its fresh from the ocean fish, New York style pizza, Saint Patrick's Day meat and potatoes (any day of the year), high class Asian fusion, or just some good, old fashioned burgers and fries, you'll have your pick of <a>restaurants</a> in Red Bank. Renters on a tight budget can also visit the <a>Jon Bon Jovi Soul Kitchen</a> which caters to discerning palates from all socio economic classes. Diners can choose to pay for their meal with a cash donation to the program or work off their meal by volunteering at the kitchen.</p><h2>Where Foodies Go After they Eat</h2><p>After dining on some of the best fare in the state, renters may want to burn off some of those excess calories. Fortunately, Red Bank isn't far from your pick of outdoor activities. The <a>Fair Haven Fields and the Fair Haven Natural Area</a>, just past the eastern edge of town, has tennis courts, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and hiking trails to enjoy. Renters who prefer their exercise to take place in the weightlessness of the water (so as to forget that they're actually getting a workout) can head out to the world famous <a>Jersey Shore</a>. There are beaches great for surfing and kite boarding, paddling around in the water, or strolling along the surf. There are also plenty of beaches ideal for tanning, which is a competitive sport in New Jersey.</p><h2>Never a Dull Day</h2><p>If you like to spend your evenings sitting alone in your darkened apartment, Red Bank may not be the city for you. This is a place that likes to get its party on and there are a variety of <a>festivals, celebrations and events</a> held here throughout the year. Patrons of the arts can pay a visit to the Count Basie Theatre, which is home to film festivals, live performances, and art shows. The new Two River Theatre, the Monmouth County Arts Council, and the Monmouth Conservatory of Music also put on shows and play host to celebrations that give renters in Red Bank plenty of choices when it comes to deciding what to do on a Friday night or a Sunday afternoon. If it's dancing in the street and milling about with thousands of your neighbors that gets you going, there are quite a few city and county wide celebrations to watch out for, including a pre party for the Fourth of July (held on the third, of course) with a warm up fireworks show that will blow you out of the water (so be sure to watch from the banks of the river).</p>

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