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Quincy, MA

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<h2>Quincy, Massachusetts</h2><p>Quincy borders on the southside of Boston, is an historic old port town, and has a population of about 92,000 people. The city was birthplace to John Adams and John Quincy Adams as well as being either home or birthplace of a number of politically important American figures. It is steeped in history, has a very diverse and vibrant complexion, and is a very walkable area in which to live. Bear in mind when looking for your Quincy apartment that mass transportation is readily available to Boston and other neighboring suburbs.</p><h2>An Old Port Town</h2><p>Since there is so much history in Quincy, expect good historical museums and many important houses to be open for visiting. The shipbuilding museum is fascinating for learning why this port town was so important in American history, too. The outdoor enthusiast has plenty of opportunities. The beach areas like Wollaston, Quincy Shores and Nickerson all offer not only beaches but biking and hiking trails. And with a quick ride to Boston, you have major museums, concert venues and more easily at your disposal.</p><h2>Dinner on the Water</h2><p>Dining can incorporate both fine eating and water views in Quincy with places like the Inn at Bay Pointe and Captain Fishbones, which is like a diner with great food. There is a wide choice of ethnic cuisines and one should check out highly rated places like the Punjab Cafe for Indian and Shabu for Japanese. Tony's Clam Shop is the place for shellfish or The Fat Cat for a larger range. Expect a wait that's worth it at that one! There are numerous little neighborhood places that are review worthy and you'll be writing your own once in your Quincy apartment.</p><h2>Local Brews and Gossip</h2><p>No need to go into Boston for night. Quincy has plenty. Club 58 and My House both have many nights of live entertainment and are fun places. Many locals head to the Alumni Cafe for beer and pizza, and it's a good place to catch up on the local gossip.The Half Door is a good Irish pub while S6 is everyone's favorite dive bar. Your Quincy apartment will probably have a small bar within a short walk where you'll quickly feel at home!</p>

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The average commuter time in Quincy is:
30 to 34 minutes
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