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Oxnard, CA

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Oxnard is one of the 20 most populous cities in the state of California. It’s located in southwest California, with a population of over 200,000 people. It is considered part of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, and it is consistently ranked one of the safest cities in the entire country, with extremely low rates of crime. As a suburb of Los Angeles, Oxnard is a very appealing place to live for those who don’t want the hustle and bustle of a big city

Getting Around in Oxnard, CA

Oxnard has multiple methods of transportation—from major road sand highway to ports, air, and rail. The Ventura Freeway runs through Oxford and connects it to Los Angeles. The city is served by Amtrak’s rail, which runs along train lines in California. The Port of Huenerne is Oxnard’s major port, and it transports a number of different goods and resources along the California coast. Oxnard also has the Channel Islands Harbor, which residents use to travel short distances, such as to the Channel Islands, which are a short ways of the coast.

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The average commuter time in Oxnard is:
15 to 19 minutes
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  • 25 to 29 minutes
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  • 5.22%
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<p>Oxnard is home to plenty of scenic and attractive beaches, with over 20 miles of coastline. The sand is remarkably similar to middle east sand dunes, and thus the city&Otilde;s beaches have been used as spots in movies to recreate a middle eastern theme. Oxnard's beach water is known to be clear, but certain portions of the beach have relatively dangerous rip currents that can take swimmers out to sea. Nonetheless, the beaches are a big tourist attraction and help to bring commerce dollars into the city of Oxnard.</p>


<p>Oxnard is well known for its propensity for earthquakes. The city itself is located close to the San Andreas Fault line, which produces earthquakes at a relatively high rate. There have been major earthquakes in the area a number of times, in 1994, 2009, and in 2010. The Northridge earthquake of 1994 was rather significant, with tremors causing landslides and other dramatic changes to the landscape. The 1994 earthquake was listed as magnitude of 6.7. The other noted earthquakes in the area were smaller, listed as a magnitude of lower than 4.</p>

Oxnard's Economy

<p>The economy in Oxnard is large and diverse. International trade, agriculture, manufacturing, defense, and tourism are all major parts of the Oxnard economy. The multiple forms of transit, especially the city's ports, allow for companies such as Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW, Chiquita, and Del Monte Foods to set up shop and easily transport their goods throughout the state. The city also has a significant manufacturing base, with Aluminum Precision Products, Waterway Plastics, and Haas Automation all employing a significant portion of the population.</p>