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Newton, NJ

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Getting Around in Newton, NJ

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The average commuter time in Newton is:
10 to 14 minutes
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  • Time Range
  • 25 to 29 minutes
  • 30 to 34 minutes
  • 35 to 39 minutes
  • Percentage of workers
  • 3.36%
  • 7.59%
  • 1.45%

New Town Pool

Make no mistake: Newton is a town best suited to family living. The Newton Town Pool is the heart of this family living culture. Located in the center of town, the pool has several new recent additions including two new water slides, a safety-enclosed kiddie pool with a walk-in entrance, and a grass-covered picnic area, which is ideal for family dining on a sunny weekend day, and a brand new changing rooms/bath house structure. In addition, the Town Pool’s restructuring welcomes younger and older community members alike. It is now equipped with a handicap-accessible ramp.

Camp Iliff

Tell the kids: Newton is home to a towering structure of pure fun. Camp Iliff, a five-story indoor playground is a must-visit hub of pure fun, ideal for kids and their parents. It is popular for kids all across New Jersey, but residents of Newton are especially lucky: Camp Iliff is right in their backyard, just a few blocks from Main Street. Featuring a comfortable snack area, Camp Iliff is an ideal place to spend a playful day in any season. The mini roller rink, rock climbing wall, bounce house, and cartoon mini theater are all clean, cozy and, important for the winter, completely indoors.

Christ Church

Residents of Newton are proud not only of the comfortable family atmosphere of the town, but of the town’s history. In the heart of Newton, a piece of American history resides in the form of the Christ Episcopal Church. The third-oldest parish in the Diocese of Newark, Christ Church Newton even predates the Diocese of Newark itself. Founded in 1769, the Church building is an important monument to early American history, and offers a memorable landmark for visitors to Newton as well as a central cultural and community touchstone for those living in town, whether be they Episcopalian or not.