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Maple Grove, MN

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<h2>Sweet Rentals in Maple Grove, Minnesota</h2><p>Is your current living situation leaving a sour taste in your mouth? Looking for a city that never leaves you wishing for more? Use the [AptGuideLink] to find and rent an apartment in Maple Grove, Minnesota and get to know the sweeter things in life. Maple Grove was named for its position as a major source of maple syrup. Like the area&rsquo;s sweet delight, you&rsquo;ll find its schools, shopping, attractions, and more to be the finest around. Whether you&rsquo;re a maple syrup aficionado or prefer the fake stuff at the supermarket, you&rsquo;ll find Maple Grove to be the perfect complement to a fulfilling life.</p><p>Want to know more about Maple Grove Junior High School? Check out our [LocalTalkLink] for local tips and information about Osseo Area School District 279. Looking for an apartment near the Maple Grove Arts Center? Talk to our local experts by using the \\Ask a Question\\ feature and learn more about this delightful Minnesota city.</p><h2>Rental Rates for Maple Grove, Minnesota</h2><p>Find out who struck maple syrup gold in the Osseo-Maple Grove Press, then peruse through the MyNewPlace rental trends so you can spot a great deal when it comes your way. As of ||monthpull||, the cost of a one bedroom in Maple Grove, Minnesota was ||1BRrentpull||. You&rsquo;ll have someone to enjoy croissants at Chez Arnaud with you if you get a roommate. The average two bedroom apartment for rent was ||2BRrentpull|| as of ||monthpull|. Why not split the rent and have more cash to spend at The Fountains at Arbor Lake? A three bedroom rental in the area cost an average of just ||3BRrentpull|| a month as of ||monthpull||. Start looking for an apartment in Maple Grove by checking out some of the rentals listed below.</p><h2>Serving Today, Shaping Tomorrow</h2><p>Rent one of these fine apartments and live in a city that isn&rsquo;t stuck in the 90s. Their motto is &ldquo;Serving Today, Shaping Tomorrow.&rdquo; You&rsquo;ll enjoy a wonderful today in a city with its eyes set firmly on the future. Whether you&rsquo;re here to raise a family or you just want a delicious stack of pancakes, you&rsquo;re sure to find what you need. No matter what brings you to Maple Grove, you&rsquo;ll be living in one promising city. According to the official city website, &ldquo;Maple Grove is one of the fastest growing communities in the metro area.&rdquo; With a booming economy fueled by manufacturing and retail, it shows no signs of slowing down. Leave that for molasses. As of the 2010 census, the city boasted a population of 61,567 happy residents. The Grove, as it is affectionately known, offers not only a promising future, but one with great community spirit. Pack your bags and rent an apartment in this modern Minnesota city.</p><h2>Skate, Swing, and Spike</h2><p>Whether you&rsquo;ve eaten one too many plates of pancakes or you just need to get a good run in, you&rsquo;ll have your chance try out the great area parks, trails, and recreational programs. Got a good pair of ice skates and the least bit of coordination? Take part in a Minnesota pastime and go ice skating at one of the city&rsquo;s ten rinks. Need a break from all that slipping and sliding? Visit the 15 acre <a>Maple Grove Arboretum</a>. Take a leisurely walk and look at all the beautiful trees. Just don&rsquo;t attempt to extract maple syrup from them please. Tired of hitting pop flies all the time? Step into the batting cages at the Maple Grove Sports Dome and work on your swing. Pitching machine not too friendly? Make friends and have a good time by joining one of Maple Grove&rsquo;s <a>athletic leagues</a>, such as co-ed volleyball. You&rsquo;ll be a home run-hitting, volleyball-spiking champ in no time. Feel free to load up on pancakes and carbs too.</p><h2>Arts, Entertainment, and Fresh Tomatoes</h2><p>In the mood for fun that doesn&rsquo;t involve sweating or getting baseballs shot out at you? You can easily find bruise-free entertainment and shopping opportunities all year long. Want to replace those old flannel shirts from the 90s with more modern flannel shirts? Visit one of the city&rsquo;s numerous shopping centers, such as <a>The Shoppes at Arbor Lake</a>. Throw on your new duds and head over to one of the many <a>Maple Grove Community Organization events</a> held throughout the year. Take in a Battle of the Bands event or buy fresh food at the Farmers&rsquo; Market. Want to work on your macaroni art skills? Sign up for a class at the <a>Maple Grove Arts Center</a>. Whether you&rsquo;re in the mood for funk, food, fine art or fashion, you&rsquo;ll have your pick of fun things to do in Maple Grove.</p>

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