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Lubbock, TX

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What has tumbleweeds, tall boys, and Texans galore? Lubbock, TX is home to all this and more! Home to The Texas Tech Red Raiders, one of the largest aquifer’s in the world, and a High School ranked as one of the top in the nation 3 years in a row by Newsweek magazine, this is a place that likes to stand by their heritage, but also not afraid to break the mold. Known as the Hub City, Lubbock serves an important role in West Texas, connecting all the other small towns in the panhandle and providing a center for healthcare, education and business that is continually growing.

Getting Around in Lubbock, TX

I can only say one thing about transit in Texas – own a car! It really is the only way to get around. Even though there is a public transit system set up in Lubbock, and you can use it 7 days a week to get to select spots around town, nearly everyone who lives here has a car and uses it on a daily basis, if only for the AC! It gets hot here and sticking your butt to a sweaty steaming seat on a bus is the last thing you’d want to do. People do bike around the city, especially near the college campus, but once you have to go anywhere outside the city limits, it just makes more sense to have a car.

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The average commuter time in Lubbock is:
10 to 14 minutes
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  • 25 to 29 minutes
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  • 2.44%
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Texas Tech Red Raiders

<p>Are you ready for some football? You better be if you want to live here. With weekly football games that have greater attendance than the population of the city itself, people take their game day seriously here. The local college team, Texas Tech Red Raiders, have had an interesting journey in the Big 12 Conference. They're always the underdogs, but sometimes they put up a game with over 60 points and get the crowd so amped they start throwing tortillas on the field (this actually happens). If you haven't treated yourself to a game yet, it's a must-do in this college town.</p>

The Depot District

<p>Need a place to wet your whistle? Look no further than the Depot District. Situated just outside the historic Buddy Holly Center, this is a mainstay for college students to kick back and relax with a beer or twelve. There are clubs, coffee houses, live music venues and bars, all catering to the young and old. Get down with some boot scooting boogie, or hear the hottest hip hop out at any number of trendy clubs. If dancing and music aren't your thing, go find some delicious Tex Mex and a margarita at Chimy's near the campus. You can't go wrong with either of those things.</p>

The 4th on Broadway

<p>Think your town hosts a killer Independence Day Parade? Well you haven't see the way they do it in Texas yet. The old adage stays true about everything being bigger here. With an estimated attendance of over 175,000 people, this huge Independence Day festival is considered one of the largest free festivals in the state. They event consists of food stalls, a massive street fair, live bands, the traditional morning parade, an evening fireworks show, and more. Not to be missed, especially if you call this town your home. Everyone and their dog will literally be there.</p>