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Levittown, NY

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Levittown is famous worldwide as the first truly mass-produced suburb and is widely considered the archetype for the post-war suburb. It features of housing built throughout the U.S. and even across the world. Today, however, it is a comfortable and easy place to live in with access to a healthy network of parklands and convenient shopping and only a short drive from the coast, the larger cities of Hempstead and New York, and a number of other bedroom communities around New York’s Long Island.

Getting Around in Levittown, NY

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Bageltown of Levittow

While arguably the greatest “sight” in Levittown is the peaceful suburban streets ideally suited to quiet living, many residents rave about the hottest spot in town to grab bagels: Bageltown of Levittown. The comfortable local shop, right of the Hempstead Turnpike, is not just a place to grab traditional baked goods but is where local “Levittownies” cross paths to chat while drinking coffee or meet to discuss their weekend trips out to the Long Island shore. Locals rave about the salted bagels, but the cafe/restaurant also has a full offering of sandwiches, salads and other lunchtime treats. All are highly recommended.

Levittown Historical

Levittown is not just a nice place to live on Long Island New York, it is also a place of historical importance. For this reason, the Levittown Historical Society hosts tours of the Levittown Historical Museum, a must-see for visitors and something of which local residents are quite proud. To quote the Historical Society website: “Just as New York City serves as an icon for urban living in America, Levittown New York is the absolute symbol of modern day suburbia.” Opened in 1997 to honor the 50th anniversary of Levittown, the museum is open Wednesdays and Fridays and is free with appointment.

The Levittown Subdeve

No time in Levittown is complete without a simple drive through the preplanned streets of Levittown’s residential district. Originally planned by master architect William Levitt, the suburban development used the most new and up-to-date building methods to help solve the post World War II housing crisis. Today, you can drive these streets to get a living sense of the positivity and idealism of 1950s America in the sloping streets and attractive single-family homes that have become a worldwide paradigm for cozy suburban living. Do not forget to get off the Hempstead Turnpike and drive down Gardiners Avenue to enjoy the splendor of American suburbia.