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Imlay City, MI

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<h2>A Quiet Life in Imlay City</h2><p>Apartment renters looking for a place away from the constant buzz of city life should definitely take a moment to check out Imlay City, Michigan. About 4,000 people call this city home, making it a small community that's easy to become a part of. The people in Imlay City are friendly and frequently get together at the local farmers&rsquo; market, the shops and restaurants in town, and at citywide holiday celebrations such as the Blueberry Festival. Life is quiet and relaxed in this city, and renters will find that all the apartments have a great view since so much of this town in green for most of the year. In the winter, green is replaced by white and bicycles are exchanged for skis, but that doesn't stop the people of Imlay City from getting outside and enjoying the natural beauty of rural Michigan.</p><h2>Into the Wild</h2><p>Farmland, forest, and wilderness hugs up against Imlay City on all sides. The unspoiled areas around town are perfect for fishing and hunting, giving town residents a way to get out and enjoy nature, as well as a means for putting a little extra food on the table. Hunters in Michigan take their sport seriously, making good use of the deer, boar, birds and fish they take from the land and water. Residents of Imlay City looking to get involved in these outdoor sports can <a href=\http://www.huronpointe.org/\>join a club</a> that helps connect hunters with one another. They can also hone their shooting skills (or even thrill in the hunt of the wild, unruly clay pigeon) at skeet ranges that hunting clubs often host.</p><h2>Celebrate Good Times, Come On</h2><p>Small towns are known for their sense of community, and Imlay City is no different. Apartment renters and homeowners alike get together in town to <a href=\http://www.imlaycity.org/1/65/event_calendar_combined.asp?view=list\>celebrate major holidays throughout the year</a> with parades and parties. In the winter, kids and adults can head downtown to build snowmen, make winter craftsm, and meet Santa Claus himself. In the summer, residents can get together at a BBQ or Fourth of July celebration to enjoy the warm evening and share some good food. Apartment renters will also want to be sure to head out to the Blueberry Festival created in honor of this native, anti-oxidant rich fruit.</p><h2>Serenity at Last</h2><p>For the 4,000 people who call Imlay City home, the peace and quite of small town life is one of the town's major perks. This is one of those towns where everyone knows and watches out for one another. Though many residents were born and raised right in town, the people are welcoming to newcomers, helping them get to know the highlights of the city and making them feel right at home from day one. Apartment renters who move to Imlay City will be able to make lasting friendships with the town's current residents while enjoying quiet evenings at home with friends and family. Imlay City's not bad for the occasional night out on the town either, and there are <a href=\http://www.imlaycitymich.com/1/243/index.asp\>restaurants and local hotspots</a> in town to keeps townspeople entertained.</p><h2>Just Down the Road</h2><p>Apartment renters in Imlay City can head down the road and take advantage of big city life whenever they want. The city of Flint is just 40 minutes away. Here, <a href=\http://www.michigan.org/Things-to-Do/Attractions/Default.aspx?city=G3045\>renters can spend a day admiring fine art in a museum, learning about the universe at a planetarium, or catching a live performance at a theater or music venue</a>. There are also plenty of restaurants that are sure to satisfy any craving. A little further out are the city centers of Detroit and Lansing, offering even more culture, fun, and food. And, of, course, Michigan sports can be enjoyed from the big screen TV in your neighbor's living room, right at home in Imlay City, or from the stands at a home game in Detroit.</p>

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