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High Point, NC

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High Point is a city in North Carolina’s central region, which is one of the biggest cities in the entire state. As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 104,371 people. The city is well known for the High Point Market, which operates every sixth months. The city has several nicknames, including the “Furniture Capital of the World” and “North Carolina’s International City”. The city has multiple universities, most of which have some type of religious affiliation.

Apartments in High Point NC


Eastchester Ridge
Beds: 1-3
Baths: 1-2


Abbotts Creek
Beds: 1-2
Baths: 1-2


Palladium Park
Beds: 1-3
Baths: 1-2


Laurel Springs
Beds: 1-3
Baths: 1-2


Legacy at Twin Oaks
Beds: 1-3
Baths: 1-2


Crossing at Chester Ridge
Beds: 1-2
Baths: 1-2

Key City Stats

The average age of High Point, NC is
45 to 49
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  • Age Demographic of Renters
  • 25 to 29 years
  • 30 to 34 years
  • 35 to 39 years
  • Male
  • 6.18%
  • 7.18%
  • 6.55%
  • Female
  • 6.31%
  • 6.9%
  • 7.63%
is average rent in High Point, NC
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  • Rent Range
  • $650 to $699
  • $700 to $749
  • $750 to $799
  • Percentage of household units
  • 8.32%
  • 9.18%
  • 7.95%
of units are available for rent in High Point
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  • Vacancy Status
  • For Rent
  • Rented, not occupied
  • Other vacant
  • Housing Units
  • 1842
  • 241
  • 2306
Getting Around in High Point, NC

The city of High Point has several different transportation options. The highways serving the city include Interstates 40, 74, and 85, US Routes 29, 70, and 311, and North Carolina Highways 62, 66, 68, and 610. The city has multiple shuttle services, including the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation and the Hi tran service. Both of those shuttle bus services are run by the city, and public transportation is very visible throughout High Point.

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The average commuter time in High Point is:
10 to 14 minutes
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  • Time Range
  • 25 to 29 minutes
  • 30 to 34 minutes
  • 35 to 39 minutes
  • Percentage of workers
  • 6.47%
  • 12.3%
  • 1.96%

High Point Market

<p>The High Point Market is North Carolina's biggest trade show convention, and its actually one of the biggest trade shows in the word. It happens twice a year. The High Point Market's show is stretched out throughout over 180 different buildings, and as of 2012, it drew almost 100,000 people from over 100 different countries. The market produces over a billion dollars for the state, and the city of High Point bases much of its economy around the event. The market itself showcases textiles, furniture, and limited amounts of clothing.</p>

High Point University

<p>High Point University is a private institution of higher learning in the city of High Point, and it is generally considered a liberal arts college. High Point is associated with the United Methodist Church, and it is representative of the religious feelings in the area. The school opened in the 1920s, and steadily grew after the Great Depression. The school has grown significantly in the past few decades, adding sports, increasing building space, and adding international relationships to bring in a more diverse student body.</p>

Laurel University

<p>Laurel University is one of the secondary institutions of higher learning in the city after High Point University, and it offers a number of different degree programs for students to choose from. It is also affiliated with the church, and offers courses rooted in Christian ethics and develops students based on biblical teachings. The school offers Bachelor's in religious programs such as Bible and Theological teachings, Christian Counseling, and Christian Ministry, and Graduate Degrees in Theological Studies and Christian Leadership.</p>