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Hernando, MS

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<h2>Discover Your Apartment in Hernando</h2><p>Hernando, Mississippi, is the hometown of just about every blues musician. Okay, maybe not everyone who sings the blues hails from this neck of the woods, but there are <a>quite a few</a> that call (or have called) Hernando home, including Frank Stokes, Jim Jackson, and Robert Wilkins. Though Hernando is at the northern edge of the state and not on the delta, the birthplace of the blues, it certainly does seem to be the place where the blues grew up.</p><p>If you're not sure where to start in your search for a new apartment, check out our Apartment Guide. This guide has all sorts of tips and tricks that will help you find a great place to live. You can also head over to LocalTalk to learn even more about this town. Don't forget to take advantage of the \\Ask a Question\\ feature to get customized answers to all your inquiries from area experts.</p><h2>The Lowdown on Hernando Apartments</h2><p>With a population of around 10,000 people, Hernando is a large enough town that it shouldn&rsquo;t be too hard to find yourself the perfect apartment. Just how much can you expect to pay for that perfect apartment? Take a look at the rent chart and you&rsquo;ll be able to see the average rates on one, two, and three bedroom apartments. If you&rsquo;re ready to find your dream apartment right now, get moving on your rental reconnaissance by clicking on the units listed below. Want to learn more about life in Hernando? Read on!</p><h2>Simply Hernando</h2><p>Hernando may be in the decidedly Southern state of Mississippi, but it&rsquo;s actually pretty progressive. The city has worked hard over the last few decades to promote healthy eating habits, an active lifestyle, and a love of the environment. In fact, we&rsquo;d go so far as to say that <a>Hernando</a> is one of the cities that will help usher in the next era. This is also a quickly growing community; the population leapt by over 100% from 2000 to 2010, proving that this is a great place to live!</p><p>The <a>National Trust for Historic Preservation</a> has named Hernando a \\Main Street Community.\\ Along with the title, Hernando has received funding to keep its old-timey architecture and ambiance intact. Hernando has used this money to restore its historic downtown square, including its charming <a>courthouse</a>, 1925 water tower, and walking trails. We think that&rsquo;s a great use of the funds, especially since this city is into healthy living.</p><p>Hernando has been named a \\<a>Playful City USA</a>,\\ three times. Why? Because of the city-wide programs that are designed to get children moving, grooving, and making friends in the traditional, off-line way. We've heard of street cred, but this city has some serious playground cred!</p><h2>Where to Have Fun in Hernando</h2><p>It wouldn't be very nice of us to mention how fitness, play, and exercise are all big in Hernando without telling you where to go to get involved in all the fun. Let us point you to the <a>Hernando Sports &amp; Fitness Complex</a>. The complex has a walking track and outdoor exercise equipment. If you&rsquo;re looking for a place to play, there are a number of other parks around.</p><p>You can&rsquo;t live on broccoli and jogging (well, you can but it&rsquo;s boring) so you'll be delighted (if not mildly fattened) to know that Hernando celebrates the winter holidays with a \\<a>Cookies with Santa</a>\\ event. Children can get their picture taken with the big guy and then sip hot chocolate and munch on cookies with him. The whole brouhaha comes <a>highly recommended</a>.</p><p>In the mood for a little culture? The <a>DeSoto County Museum</a> is a great place to visit. This museum showcases artifacts and exhibits from the area and specializes in Civil War-era history.</p><p>Are you sold on Hernando? Great! Get going on your search for the perfect apartment and start living the healthy, active, fun life you&rsquo;ve always wanted right away.</p>

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