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Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

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<h2>Your New Home in Hasbrouck Heights</h2><p>Welcome to Hasbrouck Heights, in the Garden State of New Jersey. With a population of around 12,000, Hasbrouck Heights is in Bergen County, within easy commuting distance to New York City (a mere fifteen miles). This is a great option for anyone looking to commute to the Big Apple for work while getting a little more bang for your buck on your place.</p><p>Get your apartment hunt started on the right foot by checking out our AptGuideLink for some tips and tricks on how to find that perfect new pad for you. You can get a glimpse at what life is really like for residents of Hasbrouck Heights by reading some of their own words. Yup, real, live, residents of HH are dishing all the deets on what makes the city tick at the LocalTalkLink. If questions come up in your brain, don&rsquo;t flip out. Keep breathing. You can ask these residents (AKA local experts) any and all Hasbrouck Heights related questions you may have. Ahh&hellip; Still breathing, right?</p><h2>Hasbrouck Heights Rental Trends</h2><p>Good news, apartment dweller! There are a great variety of apartments in Hasbrouck Heights. You&rsquo;ve got large and small, fancy and simple&hellip; so, whatever it is that you crave, you should be good to go here. Just leave it up to our apartment guide to find it for you and snatch up the best deal around town. So, what do apartments typically go for in Hasbrouck Heights? Take a look at the table above to get an idea.</p><h2>Life in the Borough</h2><p>Hasbrouck Heights is a borough&hellip; isn&rsquo;t that charming? It&rsquo;s close enough to New York City to be considered a suburb of it, so even though it&rsquo;s considered part of the state of New Jersey, it has some serious New York roots as well. Hasbrouck has a style of its own, though. The borough has a small town feel to it and a bit of a cool classic Americana vibe going on. Check out the 1950s style, Bendix Diner to see what we mean. Fun Fact! The diner has been used in many movies, television shows, and commercials including Jersey Girl, Boys on the Side, and The Real Housewives of New Jersey.</p><p>Hasbrouck Heights has a rich history. The borough was settled wayyyy back in 1664. Click <a>here</a> to learn about local history and peruse through some great old photos of the area.</p><p>Want to get an interesting peek into Hasbrouck Heights? Check out the local newspaper, <a>The Gazette</a>. You can access the paper&rsquo;s archives through the website as well. Sort of a fun way to see the borough over the years!</p><h2>A Family Friendly Borough</h2><p>Children of Hasbrouck Heights get educated through the Hasbrouck Heights Public Schools District. The district is highly regarded and has won awards for performance. Check out their <a>official website</a> to learn more.</p><p>There are some great events that go down in Hasbrouck Heights throughout the year to keep the community together. As a resident, you can enjoy things like the community Tree Lighting celebration, an Easter Egg Hunt, and many smaller events like garage sales and food drives.</p><p>As far as parks, playgrounds, and open spaces goes, you&rsquo;re covered in Hasbrouck Heights. There are some good options in all of Bergen County, so you&rsquo;ll have no trouble finding those special outdoor places to hang. If you&rsquo;d like to check out the parks in the area, click <a>here</a> to have a look.</p><h2>The Big Apple</h2><p>In Hasbrouck Heights, it&rsquo;s as easy as apple pie to get to Manhattan. Take the New Jersey Transit bus routes, the Pascack Valley Line rail service, or&hellip; drive. You&rsquo;re only fifteen miles away, so it&rsquo;s a no brainer. Whether you&rsquo;re commuting for work or play, it&rsquo;s no big deal. If you feel like catching a Broadway play, a Yankee game, want to dine in Little Italy, or just want to stroll through Greenwich Village and maybe pick up a cupcake&hellip; go. Because you can!</p><h2>Hasbrouck Heights</h2><p>Move into your new pad in Hasbrouck Heights and enjoy living in this active, family friendly suburb of New York City. Ready for your fun fact? Old Blue Eyes (yup, that dude by the name of Frank Sinatra) was a resident of Hasbrouck Heights. Perfect inspiration for a little moving in music while you move into your new apartment in Hasbrouck Heights. Want another one? Jason Biggs was born here. Perhaps a little American Pie movie night in your new pad?</p>

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The average commuter time in Hasbrouck Heights is:
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