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Gas City, IN

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<h2>Living Here Is A Gas</h2><p>&nbsp;</p><p>No really, it is. We're not engaging in a mere play on words. This paltry town just under 6k (by a mere 35 people), or somewhere near 6500, depending on who you ask, is found in north central Indiana, not terribly far from the metro-polis of Indiana-polis. It was once known as \\Harrisburg\\ until the discovery of natural gas prompted the town's residents to adopt the not-very-attractive-but-quite-technically-correct moniker of \\Gas City.\\ Though no longer a gas city, Gas City maintains a solidly livable community with seemingly adequate schools and employers that include American Woodmark, Marion General Hospital (in nearby - can you guess? - Marion), and the simply yet effectively named Packaging Corporation of America, which employs one hundred hard working Indianans.</p><p>Moving to Gas City can be made easier by taking a look at our Apartment Guide. And dig deeper by checking out LocalTalk, where you can get advice and information relating to all things gaseous and get answers to questions from reliable area experts using the \\Ask a Question\\ feature.</p><h2>Ok, Let's Talk Figures</h2><p>Because the time for small talk is over. Gas City may not be the biggest, but it fits its britches just fine, thank you very much. Of course \\britches\\ here meaning an appropriate number of apartment spaces for potential residents such as yourself. But of course prices vary. Duh. Let us present you with some rental figures for the area's recent past. Check out our rental and census data tables as well as our other fact sheets for more info about affordability and options for your future new digs. Despite the city's name, we can only hope you don't find these prices especially inflated. Get movin' on your apartment search by clicking on the rentals listed below.</p><h2>Gas City: Economic Power Abhors A Vacuum</h2><p>The days of seemingly abundant natural gas for the residents of this central Indiana locale may have passed, and with them any delusions of grandeur involving the city's indefinite growth. But that's likely a good thing. After all, the financial eggheads among us have long stressed the importance of diversification. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Or in the case of the city at hand, gas-ket. Heh.</p><p>Between 1890 and 1900 the population of Gas City grew by over 2,000%. Yes, you read that right. Folks flocked to the area to partake in the gas boom (so to speak) and get their piece of the puffed up pie. Alas, the party came to a close with the dissolution of the Gas City Land Company in 1904, leaving more than a few hopeful participants in the now defunct orgy of speculation rather peeved. Move forward over a hundred years and you'll find a town that is on the up n' up as one of the fastest growing cities in Grant County, Indiana. The Gas City Chamber of Commerce is excited about a recently built (light) industrial park and additional housing units, but we suppose you should take their prognostications with a proverbial grain of salt (or perhaps more befitting of our subject matter, a British Thermal Unit). Putting a gloss on the city's economic state of affairs is sort of their job, after all.</p><p>We spoke before about diversification. Let's see how Gas City is doing on that score: four banks; fifteen churches; one credit union; and two funeral homes, dentists, and hospitals. Oh, and a single nursing home. We reckon there's at least one inhabitant of the latter that can tell you what Gas City was like in its heyday.</p><p>Gas City lies at 853 feet above sea level. That's far less than the country's average of 2500 feet, and yet higher than we thought. The city is a quaint 2 square miles, and proud of every square inch.</p><p>Now if the city could only shake its reputation as some kind of has-been industrial town just blowin' smoke, with a mayor that looks something like this guy, Gas City could really propel forward.</p><h2>Having A Blast In Gas City</h2><p>Gas City has a petting zoo. We wouldn't have guessed, but nonetheless here it is. A sort of miniature zoo, and in keeping with this theme it's got pygmy horses, pygmy goats, and a pot bellied pig among other diminished representatives of mammals typically seen in their bigger formation. One resident, a goat by the name of \\Peggy Sue,\\ apparently fancies herself a llama. We wish her the best of luck in obtaining her insurance company's permission to undergo the requisite surgery.</p><p>The Gas City I69 Speedway is a worthy addition to Indiana's race-friendly environment. Get the deets on the track here, and take note of the fact that only drivers 16 or older will be allowed to flex their motor skills.</p><p>Switching gears completely, no pun, the nearby city of Marion is host to a pretty awesome little theatre space where patrons can currently see an affable production by the name of \\I Hate Christmas,\\ about a group of orphans who have little use for the holiday. It sounds pretty sad from this reading, but it's apparently dashed with enough humor (albeit black) to turn frowns upside down. But come to think of it, by the time you read this that show will probably have flown the coop. And speaking of flown this and that, the theatre's next production appears to be One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.</p><p>No discussion of Gas City would be complete without a reference to food, for obvious reasons. So we recommend Jackie's Family Restaurant. One patron enjoyed its \\family reunion\\ atmosphere, but also said it felt kind of like eating in a basement. In the spirit of this mixed review, you might want to start with a mixed salad and go harder from there.</p>

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