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Edison, NJ

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The footprints of the city's namesake, Thomas Edison, are noteworthy throughout the area and include museums, historic sites, and parks, but Edison is also a modern community in which 97,000 residents live a quiet, comfortable lifestyle, with good schools, strong economy, and community that is active socially and culturally. Located in the heart of Middlesex County, a bustling center of commerce, industry, and transportation, Edison is thriving, and receives recognition as a safe, comfortable, and overall great place to live.

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The Edison Center and

The most impressive and busiest period of Thomas Edison's career as an inventor happened in the city of Edison. In 1876, Edison established a research and development lab at Menlo Park. Here, Edison developed, tested, and patented inventions that forever changed the lives of people all around the world, including the first phonograph and incandescent light bulb. At the site of Edison's historic lab is the Thomas Edison Center, a 37-acre historical park that encompasses the Thomas Edison Museum, the Art Deco-style Edison Tower memorial, and 36-acres of protected ecosystems and archaeological sites in Thomas Edison State Park.


Middlesex County's community theater group, Plays-in-the-Park, which is based out of Edison Township, boasts more than five decades of successful theater performances. Stage plays were originally performed in a make-shift, open air theater in Roosevelt Park; however, since 1978 more than one million individuals have enjoyed performances in the 2,000-seat Roosevelt Park Amphitheater. The summer season brings weekend performances of Broadway hits and other well-known stage plays while the fall and winter are dedicated to children's theatre and holiday productions. Plays-in-the-Park also hosts free holiday concerts and other community events, including workshops for children and teenagers.

New Jersey Convention

Edison's exceptional location, so convenient to major northeast regional transit routes, made the city a perfect choice for the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center. The 150,000-square-foot exposition hall hosts local, state, regional, and national events year round. The center's schedule is usually booked solid and while, weekday conventions are common, the crowds are biggest on the weekends when the more prominent expos are in town and offering diversions for hobbyists, sports fans, and curiosity seekers. State, regional, and national arts and craft shows, retail exhibitions, industry showcases, and local community programs are all part of the center's annual schedule.