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Edgecomb, ME

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<h2>Home Is On The Northeastern Tip Of The Pig</h2><p>What, you don't get it? The US is shaped like a pig, sorta. Haven't you noticed? In any case, and continuing with this possibly tortured analogy, you'll find Maine , in addition to your new apartment, on the pig's snout. Or thereabouts.</p><p>Edgecomb's petite population and diminutive demographics belie its open ended small town charms. Not only is it close to the ocean shore, no doubt teeming with lobster and the like, but its socioeconomic cred is strong. That's the funny thing about small New England towns. Unlike their southern counterparts, the scattered settlements that make up Stephen King Country maintain a solid level of income on top of other assorted health n' wealth indicators.</p><h2>Ok, so it's not so much \\funny\\ as it just practical and agreeable.</h2><p>Go forth and peruse our Apartment Guide to score more crucial info pertaining to all things Edgecomb. Utilize LocalTalk to go deeper, and don't forget to take advantage of the \\Ask a Question\\ feature to get customized answers to all your inquiries from local experts.</p><h2>Rental Prices In Edgecomb In Recent Months</h2><p>You won't need to lay out a lobster trap to snag a wicked rad apartment in Edgecomb or its vicinity. But do your homework first. We've got the Cliffs Notes.</p><p>Check out our rental and census data tables as well as our other fact sheets for more info about affordability and options for your future new digs. Get started on your Edgecomb apartment search by moving your mouse over the rentals listed below and clicking away.</p><h2>Out On The Edge In Edgecomb</h2><p>Forgive the somewhat lame attempt at being, well, \\edgy,\\ but we just couldn't resist. With the not so pleasant pleasantries aside, let's get down to business.</p><p>So there isn't much to say about Edgecomb that can be uttered without the experience of actually being there. The city's website looks like something from 1999, so if you've got a slow computer you may actually have reason to celebrate, at least this once. With a simple menu consisting of town ordinances and an event calendar with surprisingly more happenings than you'd expect for a town of merely 1,000 souls (what is it they could be so earnestly planning for?), it won't take long to navigate its depths. We say this not in jest, but only with the best of intentions that you'll find Edgecomb a tried and true, dyed in the wool kind of place able to satisfy your eagerness to just relax.</p><p>Or paint. Earl Cunningham, folk art painter extraordinaire and former resident of Edgecomb, was certainly a fan of the place. Why would he decide to make it his home for so many years if he believed otherwise? Folk art's mission is to depict in a fairly straightforward, even \\childlike\\ (though not child-ish) fashion, the ways and means of all activity in the artist's purview. For excelling in this Cunningham garnered much praise - and much paint. Oddly enough his work is disproportionately housed way down yonder in Orlando. But anyway, learn more about Cunningham and his northern Atlantic coastal paintings here.</p><p>Edgecomb's total acreage is pretty impressive at 20.8 sq. miles, what with its paltry population and all. Then again we suppose there's no big impediment to growing big on all sides when you're out in the cuts. For some literally eye opening views (wait, did we use \\literally\\ correctly?) of Edgecomb, take a look at this, this, and definitely this.</p><p>Yea, so if a picture's worth a thousand words and all, then this section of the page has gone way over limit.</p><h2>Edgecomb: Nature's Bounty Is Your Ultimate Time Killer</h2><p>So it should come as no surprise that fans of canoeing, fishing, swimming, snowball throwing, bird watching, botany, and goddess knows what else will all have a grand ol' time in Edgecomb and its surrounding environs. Outdoor shenanigans is a no-brainer 'round these parts. But when it comes to something on the more indoor tip, well, this is where you'll likely discover something a bit more novel.</p><p>The Musical Wonder House seeks to preserve age old musical instruments in the way the Scotch preserve whisky, and in either case the result is straight up intoxicating. It's chime time folks, so put your best ears forward and get ready to take \\note\\ of the fun to be had.</p><p>Nearby Boothbay is home to the Boothbay Railway Village, where you can take in the sights and even sounds of old train cars and fanciful wannabe automobile type things like Horse Drawn Taxis, otherwise famous in the US via the romantic movie genre's exploitation of NYC's Central Park. It looks as if the most current vehicle on display is a 1964 Cushman Truckster Hot Dog Wagon. But just as you're well advised to avoid the gum found in an old pack of baseball cards, you'd best steer clear of any meat found in this hulking old three wheeled gem.</p><p>You've now scratched the surface of what to do in and around Edgecomb. We encourage you to pull back whole layers of skin (ew, gross) by exploring further both on and off line.</p>