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Bridgewater, NJ

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Getting Around in Bridgewater, NJ

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Bridgewater Area Hist

The land that Bridgewater now sits on was purchased from the native Lenape people for English settlement. In 1749, England's King George II chartered the town, which was initially a quiet farming community. Bridgewater was one of the 104 original townships in New Jersey, with its existence as a community under its current name predating the American Revolution. Legend has it that the United States' first official flag was flown here, an event that is still commemorated each Independence Day. Despite its wartime glory, Bridgewater remained a quiet farming community until suburban communities came en vogue after World War II.

The Middle Brook Trai

New Jersey is known as the Garden State for a reason. Its natural flora and fauna can be quiet breathtaking, and Bridgewater locals are lucky to have a place to experience these natural wonders thanks to the Middle Brook Trail, which runs throughout the town. You can exercise on the trail by walking or biking, but you can also just relax and take in nature. In addition to being a fun place to experience the natural world, the Middle Brook Trail is also the site of a lot of involvement from the local community, with Eagle Scouts and volunteers building bridges and maintaining pathways on the trail.