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Bowling Green, KY

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A quaint little Southern town that has grown into the heart of the state and home to companies such as Fruit of the Loom, General Motors, and Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green is a sight to see. It has had a turbulent history from the days of the Confederacy, straddling two sides of the fractured country. During the 20th century, it saw a resurgence as a place for good jobs, cheap cost of living, and natural beauty.

Bowling Green Apartments


Fairways at Hartland
Beds: 1-3
Baths: 1-2


Avondale at Kennesaw Farms
Beds: 1-3
Baths: 1-2


Royal Arms-Bowling Green
Beds: 1-3
Baths: 1-2

Please Call

Beds: Studio-2
Baths: 1-2


Walnut Valley Apartments
Beds: 2-3
Baths: 2

Key City Stats

The average age of Bowling Green, KY is
25 to 29
explore info on residents
  • Age Demographic of Renters
  • 25 to 29 years
  • 30 to 34 years
  • 35 to 39 years
  • Male
  • 10.22%
  • 6.5%
  • 5.67%
  • Female
  • 7.73%
  • 6.37%
  • 5.15%
is average rent in Bowling Green, KY
Explore info on rent prices
  • Rent Range
  • $650 to $699
  • $700 to $749
  • $750 to $799
  • Percentage of household units
  • 8.24%
  • 8.38%
  • 5.72%
of units are available for rent in Bowling Green
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  • Vacancy Status
  • For Rent
  • Rented, not occupied
  • Other vacant
  • Housing Units
  • 1337
  • 162
  • 508
Getting Around in Bowling Green, KY

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The average commuter time in Bowling Green is:
10 to 14 minutes
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  • Time Range
  • 25 to 29 minutes
  • 30 to 34 minutes
  • 35 to 39 minutes
  • Percentage of workers
  • 1.61%
  • 4.88%
  • 0.79%

Fountain Square Park

Speaking of shopping, Fountain Square Park is the place to do it if you live in Bowling Green. As part of some major revitalization efforts from the Downtown Redevelopment Authority, this heart of downtown since 1789 has seen a huge resurgence as a place for commerce and retail shopping. The public park itself at the heart of all this new construction still retains its look and charm much like it was in the early 1800s, but if you glance around you’ll see modern-day stores dotting the faces of the old facades, such as Ace Hardware, Verizon Wireless, and Ben Franklin.

Golf Courses Galore

Bowling Green might have part of its name from a sport of a different kind, but there is definitely one main attraction when it comes to local recreation, which is golf. With seven prime golf courses, all with scenic views of the rolling green hills in the backdrop and a killer ninth hole. CrossWinds is probably the most popular, with some of the largest bunkers in Kentucky, and holes that will challenge professionals as well as cater to the more inexperienced golfer. So, grab your clubs and call in sick, especially if it is a nice day outside.