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Batavia, OH

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Batavia, a charming, little town, is quiet and secluded, appealing to many families and singles alike. Locals enjoy a peaceful, small-town life, but Batavia still offers big things for those who seek them. The township declares itself as “a great place to raise a family and grow your business” and being the rustic little village that it is, much of Batavia’s appeal lies in its many parks and recreational offerings and the natural beauty of the area.

Getting Around in Batavia, OH

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The average commuter time in Batavia is:
15 to 19 minutes
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  • 25 to 29 minutes
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  • 4.7%
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Batavia Parks and Rec

The Batavia Township Community Center and Park, the town's prized feature, entertains locals and visitors alike all year round. The park sits conveniently on Clough Pike, near the village's center. It features a number of amenities for public enjoyment, such as wooded and paved trails, a fishing pond, a sand volleyball court, a playground for ages 10 and under, basketball courts, and more. Picnic shelters accommodating up to 80 people can be used freely or reserved and make perfect spots for summer parties, family gatherings, and general get-togethers. The park also offers four baseball fields for sports fans to enjoy.

Clermont County Fair

Just four miles outside of Batavia in Owensville, Ohio, thousands of people flock to the Clermont County Fair every year for days filled with food, games, crafts, and excitement. Conveniently located on Locust Street, the fairgrounds annually house a wide variety of food carts, shop vendors, and fun rides for people of all ages. The County Fair makes for an excellent weekend getaway, as you can take advantage of the many camping facilities just off the property. Spend a long, fun-filled day at the fair, go a short distance to your tent or camper, then get back up and do it all over again.

Smalltown Entertainme

Despite being a small community, you do not have far to go to find something to do in Batavia. This little town features many options for entertainment and sits only a short distance away from even more in larger communities. If you enjoy golf, Elks Run Golf Club is popular among locals for both playing and spectating. History buffs can find entertainment in a day at the Tri State Warbird Museum, featuring many collections of WWII memorabilia. Pierce Point Cinema in nearby Amelia offers a great place to catch a flick and break from a day of shopping at Van Leuen's Shopping Center.