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Anniston, AL

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Many find the small Alabama city of Anniston to be wholly idyllic. Part of the reason for this is the layout of the city itself. In fact, Anniston's description as \The Model City\ is due to the careful planning that went into its design. The primary reason for this description, however, is the character of the town itself. Far from the hustle and bustle found in a major metropolitan center, Anniston retains the small town characteristics that enhance the joy of life for its residents.

Anniston Apartments


Just renovated in University Estate: 1 mile to JSU
Beds: 2
Baths: 2


Maple Village
Beds: 1-3
Baths: 1-2.5


Beds: 1-3
Baths: 1-2


Greenbrier Apartments
Beds: 1-2
Baths: 1-1.5


Northgate Place Apartments
Beds: 1-3
Baths: 1-2

Key City Stats

The average age of Anniston, AL is
55 to 59
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  • Age Demographic of Renters
  • 25 to 29 years
  • 30 to 34 years
  • 35 to 39 years
  • Male
  • 6.62%
  • 6.6%
  • 5.26%
  • Female
  • 7.05%
  • 5.77%
  • 5.58%
is average rent in Anniston, AL
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  • Rent Range
  • $650 to $699
  • $700 to $749
  • $750 to $799
  • Percentage of household units
  • 10.72%
  • 4.65%
  • 5.37%
of units are available for rent in Anniston
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  • Vacancy Status
  • For Rent
  • Rented, not occupied
  • Other vacant
  • Housing Units
  • 365
  • 60
  • 1674
Getting Around in Anniston, AL

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Transit Score®
The average commuter time in Anniston is:
15 to 19 minutes
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  • Time Range
  • 25 to 29 minutes
  • 30 to 34 minutes
  • 35 to 39 minutes
  • Percentage of workers
  • 6.46%
  • 9.71%
  • 0.97%

The Community Actor's

The Community Actor’s Studio Theatre (CAST) is a unique offering for a small city. A volunteer group, this theater troupe is dedicated to providing the residents of Anniston with quality theatrical entertainment. Not only does the troupe provide performances, the theater serves as a venue for local residents to participate in these productions. The organization also works diligently to provide the Anniston community with educational opportunities related to the performing arts. CAST manages to accomplish this with workshops, classes, and special events, giving this small city the cultural flair and appeal that makes it attractive to new residents.

Noble Street Festival

What small town does not have its traditional festivities? Anniston, for its part, has the Noble Street Festival. This particular event may be a bit unique, however, as it has a definite theme centered on biking. Each year, officials close off Noble Street to vehicular traffic for this grand, all-day event. The day features plenty of professional bicycle races, fitness activities for kids and adults, good eating, and various other fun and festive events. Attendance is free of charge, so you just have to show up and enjoy the non-stop festive environment with your family and friends.