Articles Tagged: Pets Living with pets in your apartment home can be a joy, but it isn’t without it’s challenges. Below you will find a whole host of articles to help you and your pets lead a better life in your apartment home.

How To Choose An Apartment Friendly Dog

Do you keep glancing at the corner, noticing a dog bed would fit perfectly? Or maybe you miss the background jingle of license tags and claws click-clacking across the floor. If this describes you – It’s time for a new best friend. Making the decision to bring a new puppy home may seem like the […]

By  John Brown
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Finding A Pet Friendly Apartment

Depending on your area and how much you’re willing to spend on an apartment, finding pet friendly apartments can be a real pain. Here at MyNewPlace we love our pets; but unfortunately a lot of landlords that we advertise for have had bad experiences with pet owners in that past. The first lesson in finding […]

By  John Brown
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Finding the Right Cat Litter Box

Ultimately, there’s no one right answer when it comes to litter boxes. The best solution for you is going to come down to what you and your cat are capable of. If you think your little buddy is wily enough to avoid an encounter with native wild animals in the area and winter blasts, you […]

By  Sarah Wright
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Moving Tips: Pet Transport Made Easy

  Moving is stressful, and it’s tempting to treat everything around you like a punching bag. When your pets endure a move, it’s equally distressing for them (but they’re nice enough not to bite you). They sense that life changes are approaching and experience anxiety just like you do, so they need additional support and […]

By  Hannah Riley
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Managing Large Dogs in Small Spaces

Downsizing can be difficult, not just for you, but your pets too. This is particularly true if you have a large and rambunctious dog. There is hope though – you two can still successfully coexist together, even in a Small Apartment! Read on to find out how. Get Outdoors When you Can’t create space indoors, […]

By  Hannah Riley
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Thanksgiving Pet Poll

Thanksgiving is a time of family and friends coming together to share in good food, hearty laughs, and afternoon football games.  Along with the cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie everyone is hastily making in their apartment, which pet companion above would you bring home?                       […]

By  Ruskin Landreth
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DIY Pet Projects

Occupy yourself for the weekend and make your pet feel loved with one of these DIY pet-life-improvement projects. Who needs PetCo? (Please don’t sue us, PetCo.)   Nightstand Pet Bed   How do I love this flea market nightstand-turned pet bed? Let me count the ways. One, it’s made from old furniture that doesn’t cost […]

By  Caitlin Morgan
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Happy Pets, Home Alone

 …Sounds too good to be true. Although your barking buddy might never be as elated as when he’s by your side, there are ways to keep him from going barking mad in your absence. Separation anxiety is, apparently, a real thing for pets, and keeping yours relatively happy can decrease a) the number of neighborly […]

By  Caitlin Morgan
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Traveling With Pets Over The Holidays

Brace yourselves: from late November until early January the vast majority of us face a particularly busy onslaught of holidays and events. Thanksgiving and all of the December holidays, combined with 2 seasonal breaks from work make for a lot of time spent on the road or in the air. Schlepping yourself (and kids!) is […]

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