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Natural Easter Egg Dye

This time of year the grocery and department stores are awash with pungent chemical Easter Egg dyes that are bright, uniform, and prepare quickly; but it’s important to know that those dyes are not the only way the gave a pastel embellished holiday to your little-ones.   Natural Easter Egg Dyes are easy to prepare, […]

By  John Brown
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How I saved $6000 on rent in San Francisco

Having a roommate in San Francisco is hardly news worthy; even multiple people living in one room isn’t that out of the ordinary for what’s considered the most expensive city in America.   But my troubles weren’t about money, and I wasn’t searching for the elusive cheap-near-MUNI-good-neighborhood-rent-controlled-unicorn apartment – in fact I had my own studio and […]

By  John Brown
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Ways with Color

  Ways With Color: Innovative Painting There’s a reason you hold painting parties with your friends and order pizza as a reward. The painting process can be a huge chore, especially when you are seeking to add some color to your walls and ceilings without having to pay top dollar for a professional job. Of […]

By  Jennifer Delfino
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Easy Ways to Cool Down Your Home

Although the Sun is 93 million miles away, the effects of the sun’s rays are easily felt here on Earth.  It is human nature to seek respite during a hot day by retreating indoors, but what if your house is so warm that it is uncomfortable to be in, offering little relief from the scorching […]

By  John Brown
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Instagram IT!

All savvy Instagram-ers will agree that life could never be more picture perfect than when viewed through an Earlybird or Walden filter. Instantaneously turn your routine bike ride to work into a masterpiece with Valencia. Spice up your lunchtime meal with Sutro. Luckily for us, summer holiday is here! So many days of great weather […]

By  Kate Flynn
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DIY Pet Projects

Occupy yourself for the weekend and make your pet feel loved with one of these DIY pet-life-improvement projects. Who needs PetCo? (Please don’t sue us, PetCo.)   Nightstand Pet Bed   How do I love this flea market nightstand-turned pet bed? Let me count the ways. One, it’s made from old furniture that doesn’t cost […]

By  Caitlin Morgan
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