Surround Sound For Your Apartment

Continuing the trend today we are talking about surround sound for apartments. We’ve already covered the best small speakers for your apartment, as well as the best turntables but if you’re looking for full realistic sound that is mostly used for movie watching, you’ll want a surround sound system.


There are a few speaker options available, but most common is the 5.1 systems. The first number of the “5.1” is for the number of satellite speakers, and the second number is for the number of sub woofers. Remember, for these systems you’ll need an A/V receiver as well as a input source to get them playing sound; so they are not quite as simple as their Stereo brethren.


Below I’ve rounded up 3 options for you and these are my top picks for Apartment Surround Sound. I did all the hard work, now all you gotta do it buy.


TK-CLASSI-5-1_1Energy Take Classic 5.1

Price: ~$400

For the full surround sound system, look no further then the Energy Take Classic.


Image Credit: Best Buy

Image Credit: Best Buy

Vizio S4221w-c4


It’s only a 2.1 system but for a small apartment that would be a good thing, and it’s highly rated, and it’s looks are sexy.


Image Credit: Sennheiser

Image Credit: Sennheiser

Sennheiser RS 160


It may not be a “ture” surround sound system, but really for a small apartment you probably don’t need much more then a great pair of comfortable, high quality headphones.




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