MyNewPlace Apartment App Review

The modern world is a mobile one and as the times change MyNewPlace has changed with it. This future forward approach has been obvious is every iteration of MyNewPlace’s mobile offerings; but is most prevalent in the newest release of the MyNewPlace tablet app.


Back in 1992 RaidoShack published this advertisement – every item in the ad has since been replaced by a smartphone or tablet and for a fraction of the cost. The same is true for the modern day renter. It’s easy to forget that rental finder services (expensive) and thumbing through pages of classified ads (a time suck) were at one time the way that people found their apartments. But today, with intuitively designed apps companies are able to offer an experience that works with a hectic tech driven life rather than against it.


The MyNewPlace Tablet App is, in this reviewers opinion, the best free apartment search app available on the iTunes App Store. Bold statement I know, but it’s the truth. Here’s why: Compared to the apps competition (Estately,, Apartment List, Trulia ForRent, Zillow Rentals) the MyNewPlace app is fast, intuitive, and does what the others do in a more beautiful package – and on fewer screens.


For the reviews I searched for Colorado Springs, CO apartments and I found that MyNewPlace was able to consistently populate more information on the screen without cluttering it up. Because of this, I was often able to find the info I was looking for without much searching on my part. In fact, the only thing I had trouble finding at all was the filter button, since it’s sort of tucked away in the bottom left corner.





MyNewPlace is also one of the few companies that offer a true resolution, made for iPad experience. Trulia, Zillow, and being the only other sites that have dedicated iPad apps. Just in looking at the MyNewPlace app side-by-side with the app you can tell right off the cuff that the MyNewPlace team paid close attention to design and used all the space available to them to make finding an apartment on the go as easy as possible.


I reached out to Ruskin Landerth, a product analyst at MyNewPlace who worked on the new app’s function and design. I asked him for his take on the app and how he thinks it sets itself apart from the competition. He said “MyNewPlace’s Rental Search iPad App is the first app on the iOS scene to allow users to browse properties side by side in a comparison view and search among properties in a photo collage view.” He also added that “mobile usage is becoming a bigger and bigger share of their overall traffic profile [in the real estate industry].” Which is why this release of the ipad app is so important; and why I’m thrilled to see it in the iTunes Store.





  • Full data base of apartments available on the iPad app.
  • Search via GPS or  location specific.
  • Set appointments directly from the app.
  • Take photos and save notes right in the app.






There are many apps to help you with your move on the market today, and the MyNewPlace Tablet app joins the best of them. But I can’t iterate enough that this apps ease of use set’s itself worlds apart from the competition not because of its features but because of its thoughtful easy to use design. You will enjoy using this app.

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