What To Look For In An Apartment

The Apartment Hunt can be daunting. With options like price, location, square footage… it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this simple list of things to look for in an apartment.




Cheap is always better, right? Well, yes but you also need to look at the bigger picture when it comes to your new apartment. For example if your transportation costs are higher in area “A” vs. area “B” – it may actually be cheaper to take the apartment that’s only a few hundred more in area “B”. Be sure to factor all the costs associated with an apartment before choosing one over the other.




If your apartment costs more then the average in the area, it’s likely due to its amenities, and its location. Location is important because it will dictate your ease of life in the apartment. having a good location will mean going out more often, being more social, and having less stress when it comes to shopping and meeting friends. Don’t underestimate your apartments location – above all else we recommend you rent in the best location that you can afford. period.




This topic is mostly personal. i say that because how big your apartment will need to be will be decided on: the size of your family (don’t forget about pets), if you work at home, your income, the amount of storage you require, and on your furniture. Our advise, check the local market and figure out the average price per square foot for the number of bedrooms you want to rent – this will give you a bench mark to abide by.




Are there washer/dryers in the unit or building? Yards? What about paid utilities? These are all things to look for in a new apartment and all of them will influence the finial cost of living in your new home. When comparing one place to another, pay close attention to amenities and be sure you’re not paying extra for something you don’t need.


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