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Nest Learning Thermostat

We all have eccentric family members and friends who go from room to room, leaving lights on, the heat running, and even the front door unlocked before going to work. And, let’s face it, you might actually be this person. When you want something in place to make your daily life a bit easier, a home automation system takes care of the small things and frees your mind to deal with the busy parts of life. But if you can’t even remember to turn a faucet off before you leave the kitchen, how are you supposed to learn what systems you can install? Keep reading.



Belkin WeMo light kit

Image Credit: http://www.belkin.com/


We recommend: Belkin WeMo Light Switch

Price: ~$50


The days of the Clapper are over, and smart lighting technology will keep your power bill low while you relax. Automated lighting options run the gamut from simple remote-controlled setups that you can turn on and off from a handheld device, to motion-detecting panels that turn lights on and off when you enter and leave a room. We recommend the Belkin for it’s cheap price and ease of use. If it were easier to install it would be a definite light switch replacement.



Lockitron Unit and App

Image Credit” https://lockitron.com/


We recommend: Lockitron

Price ~$180


Other choices include monitoring systems that open and close your doors and windows with a remote. Some models, like the Truth Sentry II, sense when it’s raining and close themselves automatically. They’ll also tie into your home security system and close at a specific time of day or when you set the system before leaving the house. We recommend the Lockitron for it’s easy set up, fair price, and it’s ability to be applied to your apartment home with out breaking the lease. 


Climate Control

Image Credit: https://nest.com/

Image Credit: https://nest.com/


We recommend: Nest Learning Thermostat

Price ~$250


One of the easiest ways to skyrocket your electricity bills is to leave your thermostat running all the time. Automated climate control systems will help you stay comfortable and keep costs down. Products like the Aprilaire 8800 allow you to create climate zones in your home so you don’t waste heat on less-used areas, and the same window controls you use for security tie into this system to open windows when things get too warm. For it’s simplicity and beauty, we recommend the Nest thermostat.

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