Graphic Apartment Decor

What is Graphic Design?

By definition Graphic Design is the combination of text and pictures. But to us here at the MyNewPlace Blog, Graphic Design is much more – its a way to blend the hard lines of space (like the physical structure of your house) with art. It’s about expression and utility.


Here are some of our favorite graphic apartment decor.


Geometric Bowls

By: Melissa Maya Pottery

~$94 for 4

Image Credit: MelissaMayaPottery

Image Credit: Melissa Maya Pottery


There are 2 reasons why I really love these bowls. 1. Melissa has many other vases, cups, plates, and utility pieces that go with, or complement these bowls. and 2. they are hand made to order. That’s right, hand made. What’s not to love about this apartment decor? Find them on Etsy.

Books Books Books on Shelves

By: Bar Daron


Image Credit: BARDARON - Books on Shelves Graphic Art

Image Credit: BAR DARON


I love the simplicity of this design. The blue and green hues would complement just about any wall color and it’s cheap. Definitely pick up this piece if you’re looking for a larger, signed piece of graphic decor.


Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table

By: Charlene Brown


Image Credit: Charlene Brown

Image Credit: Charlene Brown


I chose this Coffee Table by Charlene Brown mainly because it’s so easy to blend graphic apartment decor with this style of furniture. Add a few books on graphic design in the bottom shelf and you’ll have a nicely tied together look.


Magical Thinking Mountain Sunshine Tapestry

By: Urban Outfitters


Urbanoutfitters - tapastry

Image Credit: Urban Outfitters


Hanging graphic tapestry (that’s right this is a tapestry, not a poster) in your apartment is a really great way to bring texture and warmth into your apartment home. I’m not  a huge fan of Urban Outfitters as a company, but I must admit that they have some cool apartment decor. Check out this Magical Tapestry.


Geometric Shelf

By: Haase Handcraft


Image Credit: Haase Handcraft,

Image Credit: Haase Handcraft


Like the Coffee Table by Charlene Brown this shelf would also work great for bringing together graphic art into a mid-century styled apartment.


Need more wall space? Find large apartments here.

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