Finding A Pet Friendly Apartment

Depending on your area and how much you’re willing to spend on an apartment, finding pet friendly apartments can be a real pain. Here at MyNewPlace we love our pets; but unfortunately a lot of landlords that we advertise for have had bad experiences with pet owners in that past.

The first lesson in finding a pet friendly apartment is to obey the rules. If the landlord clearly states that animals are not welcome it is not very likely that they will change their mind. Your effort will be better spent finding a place that welcomes your pets. Please don’t try to sneak your pet in; this can get you evicted and gives a bad reputation to other pet owners.


The Search For Your Pet Friendly Apartment

Searching online is arguably the easiest way to find a pet friendly apartment. When I was searching for a pet friendly apartment in San Francisco I found a large inventory offered by online apartment listing sites; the reputable sites will had easy to use search features that helped me navigate to not only pet friendly apartments but also apartments that are within my budget.


Preparing To Apply For A Pet Friendly Apartment

The most crucial part of the whole processes is “applying”. It’s important that you, as a perspective tenet, pay close attention to this process because in the eyes of many landlords you’re not the most desirable candidate.

Many landlords have had issues in the past with pet owners. Common compliments among landlords are, animals who are loud (this may happen when you are away), animals who are aggressive, pets who damage the apartment, and people who sneak pets in. All of these things weigh on the mind of your future landlord and it’s important that you don’t add to the situation by being unprepared.

The best way to be prepared is to anticipate your perspective landlord’s needs and fears.  For example, if there is not much yard space at the apartment complex, a question that a landlord might ask before he allows you to rent  is how you plan to accommodate your dog’s potty time – since he won’t want animal waste laying around. Here is a list of questions that your landlord may ask:


  • Is the animal potty trained?
  • Who will be the primary person taking care of the animal?
  • Are you willing to put down a large deposit in case the animal damages the apartment?
  • Do you plan on taking the animal (if a dog) to training classes?
  • What will you do if the animal makes noise and is disturbing other tenates?

If you want to rent an apartment that is dog friendly, it’s likely the landlord will want to meet with you and your puppy before you move in. Plan to bring your animal to the showing so you can introduce him to your landlord; don’t want for your landlord to make the first move by asking to meet him. If you show up to the showing with a well behaved, calm dog, you will put a lot of your perspective landlord’s fears to rest.


Pro tip: for a calm, well behaved dog, take your dog out for a run before you meet with your prospective landlord.


If you don’t actually have your animal yet be sure that you’re still able to answer the questions above. Questions about the animals care and training are particularity important. Know what kind of animal/breed that you plan on getting before you meet with the landlord. It’s important that you choose an animal that will thrive in an apartment setting.


Moving In

The fun part! Now that you’ve gotten the okay for you and your animal to move into your new apartment, it’s time to actually move in. Moving with your animal can be stressful for both you and your pet. We have some great tips on pet transportation on LocalTalk; and remember that loud noises and commotion will make most animals uneasy. Be sure to move your pet to a safe location, like a friend’s house, while you’re moving; and only bring them to the new place when everything is in place for them to be comfortable.

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