Closets Cured: Products for Organizing Your Wardrobe

Closets. When you read the word, do you think of an open space where you can find every last scarf and sock, or do you imagine a cavernous dungeon where sad clothing and dust bunnies go to die? If you chose “dust bunny graveyard,” you’re not alone. When you shudder at the thought of what lurks in that cramped, messy space behind closed doors, don’t lose hope. This is the time of year to supplement spring-cleaning with closet revamping. The tools below will help you organize and add room to your small space.


Drawer Drawbacks


When you store small articles of clothing in dressers, they treat drawers as their personal nightclubs and mingle freely. Keeping socks, underwear, ties, and bras grouped together with drawer organizers makes it easier to get dressed. MIU COLOR Drawer Dividers come in sets of four with different compartments for storing all your dresser dwellers. They’re mold- and moisture-proof, so they’ll increase the longevity of delicates. Available for around $18 on, MIU’s dividers are foldable so you can store them flat when empty.


Cramped Clothing


Stuffing your closet rod full of every last shirt tricks you into feeling better about getting everything off the floor, but it damages your clothing. Add more space for hanging and folded garments with some key products. The Container Store’s Double Hang Closet Rod is a hardwood rod attached to long chrome hooks that creates a second level of storage under your shorter pieces. Installing it is as easy as hooking it over your existing rod. It’s surprisingly durable for its $10 price tag, and it’s available on the Container Store website.


Dressers hold tons of clothes, but they take lots of room. Instead of searching for bulky furniture to store foldable items, hang World Market’s 6-Shelf Organizer from your closet rod. Here you can store your unhangables, like stretchy sweaters. The durable canvas is strong enough to support multiple pairs of jeans too, and at 10” wide, the shelves will open up space instead of dominating your rack. This solution is around $22 online from World Market.


Shoe Struggles


Imagine losing your best friend at a party and finding her chatting up someone who just isn’t the right match for her. This horror is what your shoes feel every day that you leave them languishing on the closet floor. Create space and keep sole mates together with the Whitmor 36-Pair Over-the-Door Shoe Rack. Non-slip pads on this sturdy metal shelf prevent it from scratching your door, and the shelves adjust to accommodate boots. It’s available from Target for a reasonable $28.


Accessory Agitation


Closet ephemera disappear behind racks or on the floor. Corral scarves and belts with Bed Bath and Beyond’s Owl Organizer, available on the company’s website. Made of durable metal loops shaped into the form of a bird, this tool hangs inconspicuously from your closet rod, and for $10, this is a wise purchase in more ways than one. If you’re not into novelty hangers, the Ivy Organizer (also $10) might be more your style.


Arm yourself with a few of these key organizing tools and your closet will feel neater in no time. You’ll regain control over the chaos, and getting dressed each day will feel like an adventure, not a chore. Take a look at your closet and see how these products can turn it into something open and functional. Or, if you just need more space MyNewPlace has an amazing selection of apartments with walk-in-closets. See all the apartments on MyNewPlace.

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