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MIT and Form Changing Furniture

The implications of shape shifting furniture is so immense I can hardly contain my excitement. MIT has taken dual purpose furniture to the next level with their Transform concept, i’m really excited to see this idea come to fruition. Besides tables that can form into a bowl, if this tech. was built into couches, chairs, and [...]

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Apartments in D.C.: City Market at O

Washington, D.C. has beautiful historic buildings, including apartment buildings that date back centuries, but those looking for a more modern apartment should train their sights to the newly constructed City Market at O. The building’s modern comfort is reflected in every aspect of its conception and execution, right down to the name. Designed to cater [...]

By  Sarah Wright
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LocalTalk Receives Major Makeover

The New MyNewPlace Blog Upgraded and renovated, the MyNewPlace blog is more helpful than ever. The new site was released early this morning and like our newly launched mobile app, we’re expecting it to make a big splash. The new MyNewPlace blog is beautifully designed and houses hordes of helpful information designed to aid you [...]

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Apartment Search Redefined: MyNewPlace Style

  Are you a renter that cringes at the likes of a Craigslist apartment ad?  Do you get fed up with the same old apartment listing sites?  If so, then we have a makeover for you.  It’s about time that MyNewPlace transforms from caterpillar into butterfly. I know some of you are thinking “don’t change, [...]

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See Your City In A New Light

Yesterday we launched a new look for many of our City pages.  We’ve gathered photos, researched rents, and incorporated city highlights to give you a local’s point of view. View more than just listings We know moving to a new place can be a daunting adventure full of many questions and missteps. Thankfully we’ve gone [...]

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Best Cities for Political Activists

The Information Age made it easier than ever to participate in political activism, but a number of US cities still appreciate the benefits of rare proximity to the action. For those willing to get their hands dirty developing the nation’s future, the most effective political capitals are naturally centered around seaports and areas prosperous in [...]

By  John Brown
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Is Renting Furniture and Electronics a Good Idea?

  There are plenty of reasons to consider renting your furniture or electronics instead of buying them outright. In a down economy, many people are renting an apartment and don’t have the cash on hand or a reliable enough job to purchase their furniture or electronics. Furthermore, a lot of people are in transient situations where [...]

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Fastest Growing Cities in America

America’s Fastest Growing Cities

A summer full of blistering temperatures across much of the US has proven no match for slowing down record-setting growth in America’s burgeoning cities.   Strong demand in metropolitan areas, especially in those in Texas, continues to transform entire communities with brand new neighborhoods.   Along with growing at breakneck speeds, affordability of apartments and rental homes [...]

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