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Is It The Right Time To Relocate?

Moving across town isn’t easy, and moving across state or even across country can be down right daunting. But before you can get to the packing part you have to ask yourself, is it the right time to Relocate? Below we have a few tips on knowing when it’s the right time to move.   Relationships: […]

By  John Brown
| Filed Under: Move Planning,Moving
Female Friends Moving Into New Home

What To Look For In An Apartment

The Apartment Hunt can be daunting. With options like price, location, square footage… it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this simple list of things to look for in an apartment.   Price   Cheap is always better, right? Well, yes but you also need to look at the bigger picture […]

By  Dylan Madenski
| Filed Under: Apartment Search,Move Planning

Getting To Know Your New City

It can be hard to get used to life in a new town. While staying home every day can be tempting, especially with stacks of unpacked boxes and decorating to do, it is important to resist the nesting impulse. Having fun and seeing what is around you is the best way for you to shake […]

By  Bridget Hanely
| Filed Under: Apartment Search,Post-Move

Surround Sound For Your Apartment

Continuing the trend today we are talking about surround sound for apartments. We’ve already covered the best small speakers for your apartment, as well as the best turntables but if you’re looking for full realistic sound that is mostly used for movie watching, you’ll want a surround sound system.   There are a few speaker […]

By  John Brown
| Filed Under: Living Room,Technology
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Graphic Apartment Decor

What is Graphic Design? By definition Graphic Design is the combination of text and pictures. But to us here at the MyNewPlace Blog, Graphic Design is much more – its a way to blend the hard lines of space (like the physical structure of your house) with art. It’s about expression and utility.   Here […]

By  John Brown
| Filed Under: Apartment Interiors,Decorating