Apps That Make Moving Simple

Apps make moving easy!

Searching for an apartment can be a major pain, but with these great (and free!) apps moving can be pretty simple. But before you start your move be sure to do your research. Our Renters Survival Guide has tons of useful information on renting apartments. Learn about everything from Signing Your Lease, to Making A Moving Inventory.


Step #1 Help With Finding Your New Apartment or Home

MyNewPlace iPad app

MyNewPlace iPad app

MyNewPlace iPad App

A must have if you’re looking for the most intuitive apartment hunting experience. The new MyNewPlace iPad app lets you take photos and notes so you can keep track for all your favorite apartments in your local area.


Step #2 The Paperwork, Yes There Is Always Paper Work


HelloSign makes singing leasing documents easy

Hello Sign

Signing all that leasing paperwork can be a real hassle. To really streamline the apartment hunting experiance, get Hello Sign. This free app allows you to take a picture of a paper document and add your signature – saving you trips back and froth from the leasing office.


Step #3 Make a List, Because Tapping Your Phone Is The New Check Box


Make moving easier with the Any.Do app

Make moving easier with the Any.Do app


Right now Any.Do is said to be the best To-Do list app out there, and it’s free! Use Any.Do to keep track of when you need to put in your 30-days notice, apartments you want to see, leasing paperwork that you need to drop off, and everything else that comes up!


Image Credit: Moving Day - Mighty Ants

Image Credit: Moving Day – Mighty Ants

Moving Day

This is a great way to inventory everything that you’re moving. You can even keep track of the value of each box, which helps with insurance claims! The app is free so don’t be afraid to try it out!


Step #4 Rent Some Wheels & Muscle




Uship is a great app that will truly make your more more affordable. This is because their service gives you the ability to bid on the extra space on big-rigs, getting a discount when you need it most!


A Few More Tools For Getting Settled


Image Credit:

Image Credit:

ColorSnap Studio – The iPad Version

This app is both great and disappointing. Great because it offers the amazing ability to virtually “paint” your walls to see how they will look with a selected paint color; and disappointing because that tool is only available on the iPad version. Still, if you have an iPad definitely get ColorSnap Studio. Alternatively, try ColorSmart by BEHR.



Image Credit: Yelp

Image Credit: Yelp


This might actually be the most important app of them all. All that moving is going to make you h.u.n.g.r.y. and what better way to subdue that appetite (and subdue your hungry friends that are helping you more) then a few pizzas! Find great restaurants near your new apartment with the Yelp App!

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