About Villanova, PA

  • Villanova University

    This Is Villanova University

    Located in the Northwest Philadelphia suburb of Radnor Township, Villanova is a Catholic University named after Saint Thomas of Villanova. Long, long ago, in a country called Spain, he was a preacher...somehow, his devotion translated into Villanova’s academic programs: they got Business, Liberal Arts, Engineering, Nursing, and Law, among others. The Villanova colors are blue and white, and their mascot, which is not blue and white(at least in nature), is the wildcat. Villanova’s beautiful campus is at your disposal, while the City of Brotherly Love—Philadelphia—is just a stone's throw away. To say the campus is scenic is an understatement: it boasts the only naturally-growing sequoia tree east of the Mississippi river. That is an old, giant tree. Some famous buildings on the campus include the St. Thomas of Villanova Chapel and the Monastery.


    Housing In & Around Villanova

    So...renting an apartment...according to general statistics, roughly 70% of undergrads live in campus dorms, but that 30% has plenty of nice places to hang out. Nearby areas like Bryn Mawr and Wayne are popular for students of Villanova University. There is a great range of properties available in the surrounding suburban county, generally spread out not far from the campus (although perhaps not within walking distance). Try our apartment guide to get started on your search. Then use our other useful links to find-out a little more about the college life in general.

    Things To Do And Getting Around In The Villanova Area

    If you don't have a car, never fear! Villanova University provides a shuttle service for its students if you want to town-hop a little bit. There is also the SEPTA R5 transfer at 30th Street Station. In under half an hour, you can get into the heart of Philly. The quaint area of Rosement, also known as Bryn Mawr or Lower Merion, is kind of a local attraction, especially for bookstore-lovers. This is your opportunity to explore the whole historic Pennsylvania Main Line area, a.k.a. Delaware County. If at any point you feel like exploring some serious wilderness outside of the campus, Valley Forge National Historic Park, and Ridley Creek State Park are good destinations. Slightly less wild, but still green: golf courses. The Overbrook Golf Club is probably the closest.