About Stony Brook, NY

  • Stony Brook University

    Stepping Up to Stony Brook University

    At Stony Brook University, Campus Life Time is kinda like nap time when you were in kindergarden. It is a half an hour rest that happens every Wednesday except, instead of sleeping, you get to rock out at a concert or get some free food. Nap time, new and improved. Stony Brook University also gives its students the chance to express themselves with the Shirley Strum Kenny Student Arts Festival, in which students can show off their art for a week. Stoney Brook Seawolves do not waste creative energey. Or physical energy for that matter, since popular pasttimes among Seawolves include biking and hiking around Stoney Brook's campus, home to the Ashley Schiff Park Preserve. But don't choke, city-rats--NYC is only 60 miles away. For those of you who enjoy a good scribble, will be happy to know that Stony Brook University has the only undergraduate journalism school in the SUNY system. It even has a state-of-the-art newsroom! For those of you who played doctor as kids, we have something for you, too: Stony Brook University boasts a highly-ranked medical center.

    The Stony Brook Situation

    Be it studio, apartment, or private room, Stony Brook's got your back. The school's location is safe and friendly. Popular areas include Centereach, Mt. Sinai, Selden, and Sound Beach. The farther away from school you search, the less expensive housing gets.. If proximity to nature is what you crave, try looking east of campus near Laurel Ridge Setauket Woods Nature Preserve. Golf lovers will love to live even farther east, and roll out of bed for a game of golf at Heatherwood Golf Club.

    Water, Water Everywhere

    For kicks, stroll down Stony Brook Beach, or fit in some aquatic fun at Atlantis Marine World. The Shamrock is a great place to grab a bite and couple of brews. A Long Island Rail Road station on campus? You have no excuse not to go nuts in neighboring New York City. Stony Brook has a bus that takes students to and from shopping areas on weekends, and there are also many low-priced taxis available for all your nightly needs a.k.a stumbling home at 2 a.m.