About Sandston, VA

Peaceful Rentals in Sandston, Virginia

Looking for a place where you can get away from it all without cutting yourself off from the rest of civilization? Want to live in a town where peace and quiet rule, but you can still rock out when needed? Rent an apartment in Sandston, Virginia and find out about that whole “good life” you’ve been missing. With fantastic schools, a great community, and much, more, Sandston is everything you’d ever want in a small town, minus the boredom and tumbleweeds. Pack your bags (and a decent hammock) and use the handy apartment guide to rent a place in Sandston. Send those poor city folk a postcard.

Want to find out more about Elko Middle School? Check out our Local Talk section for information about Henrico County Public Schools. Looking for an apartment by the Henrico County Public Library? Talk to our local experts by using the \\Ask a Question\\ feature and find out more about Virginia’s best kept secret.

Apartment Hunting in Sandston, Virginia

It’s fun to play at Sandston’s YMCA. Find a roommate and discuss your late night Jenga policy over a meal at Soul Delicious. Locate a second roommate and get matching unicorn tattoos at Graffiti’s Ink Gallery. Whether you’re moving solo or looking to relocate with the entire family, the apartment guide will help you find what you’re looking for. So start looking for an apartment in Sandston, Virginia by checking out some of the rentals listed below, or refine your search and select all the amenities you want and get the place that’s simply perfect for you.

Get Moving in Sandston

Feel like you got off at the wrong station? Ready to slow down and get your life on track? Rent one of these fine apartments and get chugging along. Sandston is named after the president of the Richmond-Fairfield Railway Company, Oliver Sands. Rent here and live in a city that appreciates forward movement. Whether you’re a model train enthusiast or you freak out at the site of miniature trees, you’ll loving living here. Sandston is not actually a town, but a census-designated place located in Henrico County, Virginia. As of the 2010 census, it boasted a population of just 7,571. You’ll never get in a shouting match over a parking spot in this pleasant town. Should you feel like fighting over 8 feet of pavement, Richmond is just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Enjoy world-class entertainment, arts, shopping, and more, and return home to a town straight out of a movie. Rent one of these superb apartments and get headed in the right direction. Be the little renter that could.

Parties, Parks, and More

Sick of lifting heavy boxes and squeezing gigantic sofas around seemingly impossible corners? Want to take part in something that doesn’t require superhuman patience and the ability to manipulate the laws of physics? You’ll enjoy plenty of stress-free fun at the Sandston Memorial Recreation Center. You’ll get to know Sandston’s more than 7,000 residents fast if you reserve the center and throw a killer party. With a high-quality sound system and room for dancing, the Sandston Memorial Recreation Center is the perfect location to throw an awesome 80s dance party, or rehearse for an upcoming flash mob. Host a hoedown here and you’ll have 7,000 friend requests faster than you can say “Achy Breaky Heart.” The town’s location in Henrico County affords residents numerous recreational opportunities all year. Whether you want to play a round at Belmont Golf Course or grind a rail at Laurel Skate Park, you’ll never run out of fun things to do. All that heavy lifting and manipulation of time and space will be worth it as soon you step foot in your new apartment. Just don’t pull any poltergeist nonsense on your roommate.

Sandston Shopping

Rent one of these superb apartments and get your shop on. With all of the fine stores and services the area has to offer, you’ll never go hungry for food, fashion, or fun. Lose your fishing gear on the freeway? Pop into Pope's Bait and Tackle and pick up a pole or two. Want to keep the sun out? (Or feed into paranoid delusions about peeping neighbors?) Visit Vision For Windows and buy some blinds. Spill some Kool-Aid on your computer? Check into Computer Bits Inc. and get the Soarin' Strawberry Lemonade out of your laptop. Need to just kick back with a video game? Rent the latest sci-fi action RPG shooter at Movie Time. Whatever your shopping needs, you’ll meet them. Just keep the Hitchcock movie marathons to a minimum.