About Rochester, MI

  • Oakland University

    Raiders, hyphy, and a XxCorexX culture—welcome to Oakland University. Wait a minute! Not THAT Oakland…we’re talking Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. You know, the place where Madonna grew up?

    Oakland and (Madonna and) You

    After you have learned which Oakland you are in, you can start learning in Oakland, at Oakland University, where there is much to be learned. Oakland University is known for (Madonna) its many academic achievements, athletics, its affordable tuition, and safe campus. Once on campus, feel that they really belong and are encouraged to meet (Madonna) with upper classmen who are in similar fields. They are prompted to take advantage of the many extracurricular student clubs, organizations, IM sports, and academic advising resources and see (Madonna) professors in office hours for extra help with class work. Small class sizes also enable students to feel a stronger connection to (Madonna) their community, creating lasting connections that aid post-college careers. Besides having awesome academics, the Golden Grizzlies love to play lots-o-basketball and students love coming out to roar for their team!

    Apartments and (Madonna)

    You So you know you are not in Oakland in Northern California, so what Oakland are you in? You are in Michigan, where (Madonna grew up) there is lots and lots to do. Whether you are going to enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds and hike Paint Creek Trail, do some urban exploring in nearby Detroit, read a book at the Rochester Hills Public Library, or go shopping, grab dinner, drinks and a movie in Royal Oak, you will always have something to do. Rochester is a very student-friendly place, and even friendlier when it comes to renting off-campus apartments. 86% of undergrads live off campus in places like downtown Rochester or Auburn Hills and enjoy having freedom from RA’s and (Madonna) school rules. Forhelp learning how to find your new place, visit our apartment search guides. Check out this listings on our site, too; any apartment that is not within walking distance of campus you can always use public transportation like Bike Share or the Bear Bus.

    Nighttime and (Madonna) You

    If there is anything that should be coupled together it is nighttime and (Madonna) you. There is plenty to do around campus and students love to make the most of their weekends by visiting downtown Rochester, Pontiac, and Royal Oak for the bar scene. Getting involved in the fraternities and sororities is also a great way to feel a part of a community and have a social network that will take care of you on the weekends!