About Pullman, WA

  • Washington State University

    Renting an off-campus apartment while attending Washington State University is a little bit like reaching nirvana. You will be one with yourself, your surroundings and your new home! Voila! Nirvana.

    Academic Fulfillment

    Part of reaching nirvana is reaching a state of total self-fulfillment. So how does one feel completely at peace? It all starts with education. By having WSU’s fantastic professors, resources, and courses at your fingertips, you will realize the infinite world of possibilities that lie before you, and your mind will open to an expanse of experiences and ideas. Don’t get too ahead of yourself, though, because you still have much to learn. Through exploring all your options within the colleges and schools, looking into extracurricular activities, doing a study abroad program, and cheering for the school’s Pac-10 football and basketball teams, you will be exploring yourself. Deeeeeeep.

    You had me at Lentil

    Now that you have reached academic fulfillment, you are ready to take the next step and connect to your environment in a meaningful way. Being in such a beautiful state makes it easy to feel one with the nature that surrounds, and the small town of Pullman, where WSU is located, makes students feel welcome. The Pullman community centers on the school and loves to support Cougar games, which really makes everyone feel connected! In addition, Pullman is an antiquated town with tons of independent stores and restaurants and lots of quirky events such as the National Lentil Festival! Now try and tell me Pullman isn’t pulling you toward nirvana! At night students finds lots of things to do around campus, and many take part in the Greek scene, throw house or apartment parties, or check out the local bars!

    One With Your Apartment

    After having reached total fulfillment in mind and body, you must now search out a place conducive to your constant meditations on life. An off-campus apartment in Pullman is just what you need to find that perfect balance of personal privacy and interconnectedness with the city. You can find affordable places, even ones that are close to campus; our apartment search guides will help you learn how to find just what you are looking for! Keep in mind that most places are within walking distance of the school, but with a student ID you can ride the bus free and get to anywhere you need to go. That is what I call “a peaceful situation.”