About Oswego, NY

  • State University of New York at Oswego

    Lakers of a Different Kind...

    Forget the freeways of Los Angeles or tatted up basketball players. We're talking about the O.G. Lakers....the Oswego Lakers at SUNY! Earning their title as the Original Gangsta Lakers, the State University of New York at Oswego actually LIVE on Lake Ontario. With notable programs in teacher education, business, chemistry, music, and Human-Computer Interaction, SUNY is ahead of the curve in more ways than one. Attention globetrotters: if you are suiting up to be an international travelor, you'll be happy to hear that SUNY sends twice as many students to study-abroad and international volunteering programs than the average American college.

    Figuring out Franklin Square

    Many Lakers find their spot on nearby Washington Blvd. Most housing is found in the Franklin Square Historical District. Not only is the area too cute for words, it is also close to parks and restaurants. A word to the wise, applications for the upcoming year are usually due in the fall, so get house-searching early. Also, you must notify the school that you are moving off-campus. Prices in Oswego range from very cheap to very expensive, so keep an eye out for deals. And if you're looking for a guiding hand, check out our housing listings in Oswega. For all your transportation needs, take the Centro bus, with services through Oswego and Fulton, as well as smaller areas such as Mexico and Phoenix. It also provides services through Syracuse County and Onondaga County. Also, as of 2010, SUNY students can ride the Syracuse Centro bus for free Thursday through Saturday. Many SUNY students have a car, but if you don't, you can rent a ZIPCAR. That's right, the convenient wheels-whenever-you-need-'em service is now at SUNY. Do your homework on it first though, since in some cases it is more cost-effective just to buy a car.

    Oh, How We Love Oswego

    And what summer festival do Oswegians wait for all year? Harborfest!It's basically a four-day-long themed party with music and activities and an oh-so-adorable kid's parade. Now let me share a little Oswego history with you. Not only is Oswego the burial site of Dr. Mary Walker, the first woman to win the Congressional Medal of Honor, but back in the day, an underground railroad was established here. Now onto what you reeeeally want to know about.... Club Crystal is the best (and probably the only) dance club in town. It's every SUNY student's right of passage to get their groove on here. Barrel down Bridgestreet for your pick of top notch bars. For some good grub and a view of Downtown Oswego, check out GS Streamers Bar and Grill.