About Normal, IL

  • Illinois State University

    Illinois State U. And You?

    Illinois State University is the oldest public educational institution in the state, and you'll find it located in the abnormally named town of Normal, about equal distance from St. Louis and Chi-Town, AKA Chicago. The school's mascot is the Redbird. Not just any old red bird, mind you, but the official and never-rivaled Redbird. But enough about cartoon characters. Founded as a teachers training grounds of sorts, Illinois State U. is still big on passing out doctorates, pumping out educators, and emphasizing research, research, and more research. So put your thinking cap on, and before you know it you'll be trading in that baseball cap for a hat with tassels.

    An Affordable Apartment? Why That's Perfectly Normal Around Here

    You say you want an apartment revolution? Then get it started! You'll find a plethora of places to call your quarters in this super affordable quarter of the country. Due to the low, lower, and lowest prices for a rental in Normal, you may want to forget all about living on campus. Or maybe you don't. We’re just here to give you options, and Illinois State University's campus housing situation gets fairly solid scores. In fact it gets a B - from a site that reviews colleges for a living, so it's probably pretty trustworthy. If you’re still stoked on getting your own space, you’ve come to the right place. Start browsing the various spots for rent! It's tip time. Given the stresses of a new college—and Illinois's less-than-forgiving winters—check this out for ways to avoid the dreaded "Freshman 15." Then stick around our blog for other, lighter thoughts on college life.

    Getting Around, Going Around, Messing Around

    Of course it's perfectly normal, so to speak, to want to drive to get where you need to go, but at Illinois State University, your options are better than all that single occupancy driver noise. The campus shuttle, the "Redbird Express," whisks students away from their cars and to their respective classrooms with ease. There's also the NiteRide and even Late NiteRide, two other bus-shuttle-type systems operating in the downtown-to-campus vicinity and who run late and later, so you’re never left out in the cold. So now that you've nailed down your transportation options, exploit the heck out of them to enjoy Normal's many outlets for students to slip away.