About Morgantown, WV

  • West Virginia University

    It is no wonder that Joni Mitchell fell in love with Morgantown, West Virginia, and thought it deserved a song. Morning Morgantown perfectly encapsulates the beauty of this place; going to school at West Virginia University is a real privilege.


    Morning WVU

    Make sure you are playing Morning Morgantown to get into the mood. Now that you are being serenaded, imagine a place where you can find a table in the shade, and sip your tea and lemonade, and watch the morning on parade…as you study for your Anthro final. With 191 degree programs to choose from, you might not actually have time to watch the morning on parade; you’ll be too busy working and trying to decide what interests you most. There are many unique programs offered at WVU, such as the Benedum Collaborative 5-Year Education Program, where students can graduate in five years with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s. One of the best things about WVU is the sports sports sportsssss. The Mountaineers take their football and basketball seriously. Locals and students alike sport their Mountaineer gear in support of the team; when there are games, Morgantown becomes flooded with people from all over.

    Buy Your Dreams a Dollar Down

    In Morgantown, your dreams will come true in an off-campus apartment. The town revolves around the college and is very student-friendly and affordable—you really can buy your dreams a dollar down. Besides all the usual stuff you might find in a college town (stores, restaurants, bars, shopping), Morgantown is full of natural beauty, and students enjoy visits to Cheat Lake, Cooper Rock, and Tygart Lake, not to mention hikes around Rail Trail. Most everyone in Morgantown agrees with Joni and thinks that Morgantown is a great place to live, which is why 74% of undergrads live off campus. If you like to party, check out the places on Grant Street, but if you want to buy your dream apartment for a dollar down, look for places a little farther from campus. Visit our apartment search guides for useful search tips! Most everything is within walking distance from campus, but for everywhere else, use the Mountain Line Transit. The WVU Drunk Bus also comes in handy on the weekends!

    The MountainLair

    Students never get bored in Morgantown, with the plethora of parties and bars. Grant Street is a site of constant weekend partying, and the Greek scene always throws some shindigs. Students enjoy house and apartment parties, and the list of bars seems endless. For just a few ideas visit MorganTownBars.com!