About Misenheimer, NC

  • Pfeiffer University

    Pfeiffer University, home of the black and gold Falcons, is a small Methodist university tucked away in the village of Misenheimer, North Carolina. Although there are only 1,400 students, Pfeiffer offers courses of study in business, religion, languages, and health sciences, among other things. Better be on your best behavior, because Pfeiffer seeks to be a model for church-related schools.


    Off-Campus Housing at Pfeiffer

    It comes as a surprise that one in two students actually live off-campus, because Pfeiffer is such a small, tight-knit school. How is this possible when the closest nearby town is 15 minutes away? Let’s stop stereotyping. There’s actually a variety of rental options around Misenheimer, but a car would be really helpful for the commute to school. In nearby towns, there is a selection of beautiful and extremely affordable duplex apartments as well as townhomes and single-family houses. Duplexes and townhomes may be the preferred options, however, if you want to get closer to your neighbors… or have them at all. Don’t be afraid of searching for your own place if this is your first time. We have some guides to help you out through the process.

    Beyond Pfeiffer University

    Yes, a car is necessary to travel anywhere outside of the village and the surrounding city of Richfield. If that’s your thing, you’ll need to bring your own or become best friends with someone who does have their car on campus. Otherwise, biking and walking are popular modes of transportation at Pfeiffer. And to be honest, it’s a lot healthier, but please, please do not attempt to walk to Charlotte. Though Misenheimer doesn’t offer many amenities, the students at Pfeiffer really focus on their studies and are engaged with NCAA Division II athletics and campus organizations.