About Glassboro, NJ

  • Rowan University

    Whooo RU? Who who, who who? Rowan University is home to the Rowan Profs, short for “Professors,” but their mascot looks less like your English teacher and more like a cute brown and gold owl. RU is a public university in Glassboro, New Jersey, whose outstanding College of Engineering was created after Henry donated a large gift in 1992. Recently RU expanded its curriculum by building its very own medical school, becoming the first public university in New Jersey to do so. With a diverse and vibrant campus culture, you’ll definitely find what you are looking for at The Row.

    RU Thinking About Living Off-Campus?

    Although on-campus housing is a popular option for your first year of college, 64% of all undergraduates actually live off-campus. Many of the rental listings around Rowan University are cozy apartment units in larger buildings, many of which have their own fitness rooms. Depending on how many roomies you’re planning to shack up with, you will find a range of 1-3 bedroom apartments available in our listings. For you virgin renters, read our blog posts on college life.

    Glassboro, New Jersey

    Outside of RU is the small town of Glassboro. While the surrounding area is pretty much residential and doesn’t have much going on for college students, there are huge efforts to redesign parts of Glassboro that would really give the town a facelift. Rowan Boulevard is a current project that would build a street of shops and restaurants as well as new apartment complexes above them. Eating, lodging, and studying had never been more convenient! Notable Alumna: Patti Smith