About Englewood, OH

Want to rent an apartment in Englewood, OH? Tight man. And when I say tight I am not only referring to the tightness aka coolness of this city, but also to its tight knit community and its tight proximity to the city of Dayton where you can find tons of tight (cool) activities. Check out http://www.englewood.oh.us/ for more information and visit [LocalTalkLink] to hear what locals have to say about their home.

Tight. But can I afford it?

You can you can you can! And here is why…As of ||monthpull|| a one bedroom apartment only cost an average of ||1BRrentpull||, and a three bedroom is only at an average of ||3BRrentpull||. What more do you need to convince you that renting an apartment in Englewood, Ohio is the right choice for you? Having some delicious restaurants in the area, might help.

Hungry Renters

I know you are hungry for good deals on apartments in Englewood, but you are also probably hungry for some good ole fashion Englewood eatin.’ While www.mynewplace.com will satisfy your renting hunger, I will satisfy the hungry renter and guide you to Tony’s Italian Kitchen on 614 S. Main St. for some seriously good family style Italian. Try OinkADoodleMoo BBQ at 322 Union Rd. I admit that the name of this restaurant makes me a little uneasy…not sure why…but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the food here is outstanding. Definitely get ribs. Talk about food coma. You have now entered the realm of “tired renter.” To remedy this, head to Dayton and try Press Coffee and Tea at 257 Wayne Ave. This place is especially good for those of the vegan persuasion and for studious students wanting to take advantage of the free wifi.

Beautiful Englewood Fun

Englewood, OH not only has excellent restaurants and cafes, but they also have an array of fun activities that you and your family can enjoy. Visit Dr. Bowers Lake for some good fishing, enjoy a book at Bruin Park, or go for a bike ride on the Englewood Reserve Bikeway. Take your kids to the play at the Government Center Playground and see the ongoing artists’ exhibits in the Government Center library. Are you competitive? Good. Every month of Spring and Summer the Festival and Arts Commission sponsors the “City Beautiful Award” that congratulates a Englewood resident who has worked hard to beautify their property. Such a competition makes this city consistently well kept and pleasant for all. Remember how I was talking about how “tight” this community is? Well, I wasn’t kidding. The city has its own Englewood Civic Band that anybody is welcomed to audition for. 76 trombones lead the big parade! Even more exciting is the Englewood Sister City Club. Englewood has developed a sister-city relationship with Billerbeck, Germany and through this Club more than 400 adults and teens from the two cities have taken part in educational and cultural exchange visits. One word-TIGHT.


Not only does this tight community ensure that its residents are well connected and busy with activities, but it also is sure to provide the best education for its resident children. Northmont City School District of Montgomery County Ohio has received a rating of Excellent With Distinction from the State Board of Education for ten consecutive years. Visit http://www.northmontschools.com/ for more information on public schools in Englewood.

Let’s Partay

The tightness factor is officially about to be of control. You know why? It’s because Englewood is also a tight place for young adults and singletons to hang. South Park Tavern at 1301 Wayne Ave in Dayton has 18 types of beer on tap along with a large selection of bottled beers to choose from. This bar also serves pizza from Pizza Factory, which has been boasted to be the best pizza in town. If you like live you music visit Canal Street Tavern on 308 E 1st St. This tavern is serves as a great venue where you can experience local and traveling musicians that play all types of genres.

Need I say that Englewood, OH is a tight place? I think not. So what are you waiting for?!