About Englewood Cliffs, NJ

It has been mentioned to me many-a-time by New Jersians that I don’t know what seasons are because I am from Los Angeles. I didn’t believe them until I saw autumn in Englewood, NJ. Seeing this cozy town against a backdrop of orange and yellowing leaves will make you never want to leave. If you rent an apartment there, you don’t have to! The City of Englewood’s homepage at http://cityofenglewood.org/ and the locals ([LocalTalkLink]) will help convince you of this.

Looking to rent in Englewood

Renting an apartment in Englewood is easy and affordable. Look out the window of your one bedroom apartment to appreciate the Fall leaves. As of ||monthpull|| a one bedroom apartment costs ||1BRmonthpull||. Your family will love to go sledding in the winter in the park right by your three bedroom apartment. As of ||monthpull|| the average rent for a three bedroom apartment in Englewood is ||3BRrentpull||.

Cheers to the Restaurants

You have just successfully rented a beautiful apartment in Englewood. What is the first thing you are going to do? Go out for a celebratory meal of course! Head down to Levant Grille at 34 E Palisade Ave. for the best Mediterranean food Englewood has to offer. NY Times reviewer Scott Veale says, “Worth it.” Top off your meal with a margarita at Blue Moon Mexican Café just down the street on 21 E Palisade Ave. “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.” If this is the case, then pay a visit to King Pelican Coffee Shop at 6 S. Dean Street. This cheery (get it?) community café has become a second home for many Englewoodians.


Now that you are full and wired (because of the coffee), It’s time to start thinking about how you and your family can stay entertained. You won’t have to think too long though since Downtown Englewood offers a plethora of things to do. The Trolley Shuttle Service can take you right to Downtown, as well as to any other commuter bus lines. Downtown is a great place for window-shopping, dining, and gallery browsing. I realize that one particular gender (that shall not be named) may not be as entertained by window-shopping and galleries as the other gender. Fortunately parks with plenty of hiking trails surround Englewood. Flat Rock Brook Nature Center (http://flatrockbrook.org/) is a place for exploration, nature craft workshops and even afternoons of jazz and painting. For those that miss the urban experience should not forget that Englewood is only minuets away from the George Washington Bridge and Manhattan is just a drive away.

Starts with an \S\

When your kids aren’t frolicking around in the wilderness, what are they going to be doing? One guess, it starts with an “S” and ends with “chool.” Englewood Public School District (http://www.epsd.org/) offers several academic resources like dual language programs. The principals and teachers are known for their involvement in student activities and their focus on teaching their students how to get more involved with each other and their school. Cigars and Scotch anyone? It’s a good thing not everyone renting an apartment in Englewood is a parent. There would be a major overpopulation problem if they were. This is why Englewood is prepared to entertain young adults, or parents wanting a night on the town. Bachelors will love to lounge about with their cigar and scotch at Smoke Chophouse and Cigar Emporium at 36 Engle St. Feel like dancing? The Plumb Club of NYC Inc. will give you a chance to get your groove on.

The community of Englewood, NJ will make people of all ages and walks of life feel comfortable and happy. With plenty to do, eat, and toast to you will not have a dull moment in this town.