About Edwardsville, IL

  • Southern Illinois U Edwardsville

    Where is Southern Illinois University Edwardsville? Why, it is the second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning! Luckily, your off-campus apartment is located conveniently on a nearby star.

    Lost Boys and Girls

    When you first arrive in Neverland (a.k.a Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), you will find that it is filled with lost boys and girls. You soon realize that all the lost boys and girls are simply incoming freshman who are still trying to figure out what they want to study! In fact, these boys and girls (and perhaps even some gender queer kids) are not lost at all, but are just exploring the many options and paths in front of them. With 167 areas of studies, 55 undergraduate programs, and 77 graduate programs to choose from, it might feel easy to get lost, but academic advisors help turn these feelings into exploration and excitement instead of confusion. With a 17:1 student to teacher ratio, students cannot lose themselves in the classroom because professors will know their faces and are able to help. Once students discover their Division I Cougar basketball team and make their way to an exciting game they become certified “found!”

    Straight on ‘til Morning

    After finding yourself academically, it is time to find yourself geographically! SIUE is situated in the midst of 2660 acres of woodlands, making it a perfect environment for Peter Pan and his gang to frolic. Edwardsville is full of natural beauty and has a small town vibe, but the school is just 25 minutes from St. Louis! Students find that off-campus living is a great way to take advantage of experiencing both the small town and big city. For help searching for your ideal new place, check out our apartment search guides. Remember that having roommates and finding a place a little farther from campus often means cheaper rent, and the Madison County Transitcan take you to you apartment, to school, and even to St. Louis!

    Stars at Night

    In case you didn’t know, stars are significantly easier to see when it’s dark. This is why the “found” boys and girls of SIUE love to go out at night! They will find that they don’t have to travel far to find activities; Cougar Lanes, a recreational facility with bowling, ping pong, pool tables and an arcade, is right on campus! During the day, there is plenty of hiking and sight-seeing around the beautiful Edwardsville, and students can grab a drink and see live music at Laurie’s Place at 228 N Main St. Students looking for a night on the town might also try going in to St. Louis and checking out the many bars, restaurants, art galleries, and movie theatres. After one weekend at SIUE students will never feel lost again!