About Edmond, OK

Edmond is, by all accounts, an exceptional place to live, work, play, and attend school. It is a progressive city with about 98,000 residents, and has a crime rate among the lowest in the state and nation. The city strives to keep the cost of living low and quality of life high. The public school system, where students excel academically and in competitive sports is just one example of successful municipal efforts. Known nationally for hosting sporting events, including tennis and golf tournaments, Edmond has an equal dedication to community arts and cultural events, including city-sponsored enrichment and entertainment programs.

  • University of Central Oklahoma

    America’s Best

    The University of Central Oklahoma is the only institution in the state to offer undergraduate degrees in Forensic Science and Golf Management; whether you’re interested in investigating crime scenes or gopher tunnels, you’ll receive a great education at this school. With nearly 18,000 students, UCO is the third largest university in Oklahoma and one of the most affordable in the country. You’ll add plenty of friends to your social network and have plenty of money left over to buy tubs of bronze and blue face paint. If you’re down with quantum mechanics or pom-poms you’ll be happy; UCO is home to both a championship cheerleading squad and respected Department of Physics. It’s no wonder Forbes Magazine ranked UCO in the top 10 percent of schools on its list of “America’s Best Colleges.” With all this school has to offer, you’ll be dancing along with Buddy Bronco at every sporting event.

    All That Housing Jazz

    Did you know that UCO’s Jazz Division is the largest in Oklahoma? Whether you’re looking for a bedroom big enough to hold your upright bass, or you just want to listen to Miles in private, you can always find a great place off-campus. There are a few apartment complexes located around UCO. If you want to unwind in a pool after a long week of essays and oral presentations, there are luxury complexes with pools and spas. Want to save your money for important stuff, like pizza and giant posters of Bob Marley? There are also more affordable complexes located off-campus. Make sure to look after each semester ends so you have more of a chance of finding a place conducive to impromptu reggae dance parties. Take a look at our apartment hunting guide for help finding a roommate who’s down with late night jams.

    Comedy, Karaoke, and More

    According to College Prowler, “90% of (UCO) students surveyed would make the same school choice if they could do it all over again.” You can bet easy access to stress-killing attractions plays into this stat. There are tons of fun off-campus activities around UCO. Head over to The Loony Bin and you’ll laugh harder than that time you drew on your roommate’s sleeping face. Would singing an off-key version of “More Than a Feeling” help you forget that term paper? Visit Don Quixote’s Karaoke Bar. Don’t worry about getting around, as you can always hop on a Citylink Edmond bus or utilize the campusBum-A-Bike service. Just be a good UCO representative and refrain from screaming Boston tunes on the bus.