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  • Boston College

    Boasting Bostonians buy billions of bodacious barnacles in barrels because Barbies are too expensive. Ignore that alliteration. The truth is that Bostonians are always boasting because they house Boston College.

    A Story of a Lovely Jesuit

    Once upon a time a Jesuit Catholic priest sat down and thought, “You know what this country really needs? A school. Not just any old school. A darn great school.” And so it came to pass, Boston College was born. Admittedly, that isn’t exactly how it happened, but let’s not get lost in the details. Students and professors are much more attentive to details, however, and participate in the studying, researching and teaching of over fifty fields of study. Students get to appreciate the beautiful, antiquated architecture of the school, while being part of a community striving to make the world a better place through learning. The Undergraduate Research Fellows Program allows students to take part in paid research and get hands-on experience in their area of interest. The ravenous appetite of the academic will surely be satiated, but what about the athlete’s? Stop your worrying, Michael Jordan! BC is all good in the sports arena too since it has abfab football, hockey, and basketball teams. This school really comes together in spirit and pride when cheering for their teams, and after one too many tailgating parties, you will be ready for a good night’s sleep in your off-campus apartment.

    My Lil’ Boston Apartment

    Have you ever been in a town made up almost entirely of people in your generation? Honestly, it is a little eerie, but once the Twilight Zone music stops playing you will realize what a special thing it is to be a young adult going to school in Boston. With schools like Harvard, Tufts and Northeastern in the vicinity, you will find that there are a gazillion people to meet and things to do. Not only is living off campus desirable for most upperclassmen at Boston College, it often becomes a necessity due to the student housing shortage on campus. Fortunately, there are affordable apartments around school, but students must act fast in order to nab those rare gems. Our apartment guide will give you a head start in finding ideal apartments and locations. No matter where you end up living, the T, a subway system that runs all through Boston, will easily allow you to get from one place to another. The BC bus also is a convenient way for students to explore their surroundings, but let’s get real, what is public transportation used for most? Gittin to do barrrzzzzuh. Great Scott, There’s so Much to Do! Boston is the epitome of a college town, so if there ever was a city created for kids to have fun, it’s this place.

    Mary Ann’s on 1937 Beacon St. is the student dive bar. Bring all your buddies and share a pint, and toast to life at Boston College and your awesome new apartment. For some dancing try Great Scott to discover the underground Boston music scene. Boston College is a great place for students of varied interests and backgrounds, offering so much academically in a city made for blossoming minds. Renting an off-campus apartment will truly allow you to be immersed in the unique Boston vibe.