About Cedar Falls, IA

  • University of Northern Iowa

    Knock knock. Who’s there? Iowa. Iowa who? Iowanna rent an off-campus apartment while attending the University of Northern Iowa? Wah wah wah…

    Iowanna Education

    Before you go head and rent an off-campus apartment near the University of Northern Iowa, maybe you should learn a little bit about the school! UNI offers a range of programs and colleges and has a great art department to boot. Students find that their time at UNI is well spent, learning about their field of study, building towards a career that will suit them. Sounds corny, I know, but it’s true all the same, and the faculty genuinely wants to see the students succeed. UNI provides students with Outreach & Partnerships programs that help Panthers connect to each other, employers, and the community. Iodonwanna study no mo! If you are sick of studying all the time, check out the extracurricular events going on around campus. Join a music ensemble or the speech and debate team, rush for a frat or sorority, go to one of the many live performances on campus, or see an art exhibit put on by your peers. So many options!

    Iowanna Live in Cedar Falls/ Waterloo

    Now that you are totally sold on becoming a Panther, you can start thinking about housing. Hold up. Wait a minute! Before you start thinking about housing maybe you should consider why you wanna live in the Cedar Falls/Waterloo Community. Here’s why: It is a historical city that stays up-to-date with all the cool activities it has to offer students! Mainstreet Waterloo hosts events like the “pub crawl” and Friday’loo, free live performance in Lincoln Park. Downtown Waterloo also has plenty of authentic Iowan BBQ, art galleries and museums. Students can also enjoy a cold one on a Friday night at the Screaming Eagle American Bar and Grill on 228 E. 4th St., or head down to Rudy’s Tacos at 2401 Falls Ave for some Salsa and beer! Don’t miss out on all there is to do in good ole Waterloo!

    Iowanna Apartment

    Because you (I) have done all the background research and (you) now know all about UNI and the community that surround it, I give you permission to go forth and search for an off-campus apartment! Fortunately, finding a new place will be easy since there are plenty of affordable apartments conveniently located near campus! For places farther away, however, there is always the MET Transit! Aren’t you so excited for all the privacy and independence await you? Woaaaah, hold you horse partner, and don’t get too ahead of yourself because you still haven’t found a new place yet! Let our apartment search guides help you find your off-campus apartment and then all your dreams will finally come true!