About Carbondale, IL

Originally settled in 1852, the city of Carbondale sits at the edge of the Shawnee National Forest's northern end. You will find plenty of beautiful outdoor scenery here, with lots of possible activities to engage in. Carbondale is a regional center, providing shopping and employment for many people living in the areas just outside the city. The nearby Carbondale University draws people from all over Illinois, and is affiliated with PBS television, making this city even more of a draw.

  • Southern Illinois University Carbondale

    Make Your Way To Southern Illinois

    So can you guess which end of Illinois you'll find Southern Illinois University at Carbondale? That was a rhetorical question. If you didn't realize that, you might not be cut out for higher education. We kid. But all kidding aside, the Carbondale site is but one of three locations in the sprawling kingdom known as Southern Illinois University. They're all generally on the Illinois side of the St. Louis metro area, but you'll be pleased to know that your ID from the Land o' Lincoln will be happily accepted at bars throughout The Lou. SIUC is known for its over 186 academic programs and successful alumni numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Impressed? Well, yes. But we don't want you to begin your academic career with an inflated ego, so keep it under control.


    Renting Here Is Like Sooo(uthern) Ill...inois

    Southern Illinois has a number of what we call "rentables" (no, not really) for you to nail down during your stint at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. You might get sticker shock, or rather the opposite of sticker shock, over the crazily affordable price of a two bedroom in these parts. Without sounding like a TV commercial, you can't beat it! If what you seek is on-campus housing, then you'll be pleased as prairie-land punch to know that you're in good company: 90% of first year students live on campus. The campus has a "rural setting" and is a good 100 miles from St. Louis, so we hope you don't plan on spending many of your nights raging it up at a nearby nightclub. When you decide to leave campus housing behind, there should be a roommate or two lurking in the wings, just waiting to split that already absurdly low rent. With that in mind, read our college life blog for some advice for avoiding an awkward first few days.

    Next Stop, Carbondale!

    So there's a cool ride called the Saluki Express, a Carbondale-wide transport system that helps both natives and students get around town, that it's encouraged you get on board. Popular destinations include...well, school and the mall, mostly. What did you expect? The campus is officially in a rural setting. Anyway, all aboard the Saluki Express! As for that mall, assuming you want to opt for something a little less pedestrian, why not try for a visit to the town's Black History Museum? Because really, you can do better than the food court. You can do history.