About Boone, NC

  • Appalachian State University

    Be of the Year

    Time Magazine named Appalachian State University “College of the Year” in 2001. Whether you want to be known as “Person of the Year” or “Most Likely to Rock a Black and Gold Headband,” you’ll love attending this impressive university. Located in Boone, North Carolina, ASU is home to seven colleges and one graduate school, offering 99 undergraduate and 68 graduate programs. With a motto like “Esse quam videri” (“To be, rather than to seem”), you’re sure to be successful, rather than to just seem so. Should you need help with a music therapy assignment or starting a new kickball league, you’re sure to find a friend among the school’s more than 20,000 students. With great academic and social opportunities, ASU is one sweet college. You’ll be doing cartwheels on Sanford Mall in no time.

    Good Housing is Your Business

    According to Appalachian State University’s website, “Twenty-eight percent of Appalachian students say their primary career aspiration is to own their own business.” Whether you need a place big enough to launch your campus juggling business or you just want a place in close proximity to decent Chinese food, you’ll find what you’re looking for in off-campus housing. You’ll need to look as soon as possible, though, to score a good place! There are apartment complexes located in nearby Lenoir and Morganton. Sharing an apartment? Check out our college life guide for help dealing with prima donnas, wallflowers, and every roomie in-between.

    Arts and Darts

    If you need to let loose after a tough school week, there’s plenty of things to do off campus. Hop on the AppalCART and head to Char or Macado’s to de-stress from last night’s cram session. Mingle with your classmates and unleash your inner John Belushi (so long as you don’t destroy anything). If you don’t find bar stools and dartboards visually appealing, visit the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts. It’s no wonder 93% of students surveyed by College Prowler said they’d “make the same school choice if they could do it all over again.”