About Bethel, OH


Moving to the Village of Bethel

Bethel is a village in Claremont Country, Ohio that was founded in 1798. Find your apartment in Bethel and share this small community with 2500 other people who live here. It’s definitely one of those places where everyone knows everyone. Residents are friendly, family-oriented, and embrace their roots in this small, Ohio town that offers a beautiful landscape and a stunning autumn display.

Before searching for your new apartment, check out our apartment guide for some tips on finding the best place for you in this quaint, charming, Midwestern town. Visit our Local Talk section to get a sneaky inside look at what life is like in Bethel. Wondering where you can get the best rates on copies for that Great American Novel you’ve been working on? Or do you need to figure out the best route to your job in Cincinnati? Or maybe you just want to know where the best breakfast is served. No problem. Use our “Ask a Question” feature and a local expert will answer all of them. Except that one about why your teenager ignores you. That’s just unanswerable.

Find Your Place in Bethel

You’ll find great rental rates in Bethel, and with the help of our apartment finder, you’ll find just the right place too. Are you looking for something small and cozy for you and your life-size cutout of Justin Bieber? (It’s a little weird.) Or maybe you want something spacious in a building with a pool and a gym so you can keep working towards that Ryan Reynolds six-pack you’ve been after. (Who isn’t?) If you’re wondering what to expect for rental costs in the area, check out the popular listings above and get a feel for the average rates. Ready to start your search for your new apartment? From the Beth to the el, let’s go to Bethel!

Go Outdoors in the Big OH

You’ll have no excuse to stay indoors in this gorgeous Ohio town. The landscape is beautiful and there is something awesome going on outside during every season. Plus there are so many parks and preserves to enjoy. One of Ohio’s largest state parks, East Fork, is right here. With almost 5,000 acres of rugged hills, trails, lakes, and open meadows, this place is unbelievable. If you’re looking for some trail action, you can hike, bike, or ride your horse on one of the many trails here. Ranging from easy to moderate, there is also a portion of the Buckeye Trail that passes through the park. East Fork has cabins and camping, so come on over and stay. The lake offers over 2000 acres and has areas for unlimited horsepower boating. Doesn’t that sound wild? Unlimited horsepower. Unlimited! Plus, there are areas for swimming, fishing, and row boating. You can go hunting, sledding, ice skating, ice fishing, and cross country skiing. What can’t you do at this place?

Ohio Wine? Yes. Ohio Wine

The Harmony Hill Vineyards and Winery is a quaint winery in Bethel. This beautiful 70-acre farm has walking trails, flower gardens, and is an all-around beautiful place to hang. Picnic in the vineyard or under some shady trees, or just go for the wine. They even have juice tastings and mini donkey rides for the kids, so you can bring ‘em along too!


With your new apartment in Bethel, you are only 30 miles from Cincinnati, so it is easy to take advantage of all that the big city has to offer. Catch a Reds game or just pop in to check out the annual Opening Day Parade. Go wild at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden or join 500,000 hungry, happy people at one of the country’s largest street festivals: the Taste of Cincinnati. Sounds like one big yum.

Life in Bethel

Learn a bit about the local history by visiting the Bethel Historical Museum in the Grant Memorial Building on Main Street. You’ll learn little nuggets like the fact that this town was the home to the first movie theater in Ohio. (The theater opened in 1908.) And the fact that Ulysses S. Grant lived in Bethel and so did his son, Ulysses S. Grant Junior, also known as “Buck.” Make the move to that new apartment and live in a place that has one of the few remaining drive-in theaters in the United States. Head to the StarLite Drive-In Theater for a unique viewing experience. Relive the good old days as you watch a movie from your car. Crazy, huh?